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As a world traveller and global citizen, my purpose is to bring more responsible tourism to developing regions – to help you explore the world safely, promote sustainable local development, and thereby make my tiny contribution to global integration at large.

  • Because I have seen too much injustice and feel compelled to make a difference;
  • Because I have fallen in love with Africa and believe that responsible travel is a powerful tool to promote sustainable local development; and
  • Because I believe that FairVoyage is the most effective way for me to contribute and leave this world a better place.
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Senior Advisory Team
Stefano Tempesta

Stefano Tempesta

Stefano is a technology manager and ambassador of beautiful software as well as a Microsoft MVP and regular speaker at international conferences, including Microsoft Ignite and Tech Summit. He loves travelling and technology.

Mikas Urbonavicius

Mikas Urbonavicius

Mikas is our expert for digital product management, user experience and growth. He loves solving real-world problems with digital services. 

Melissa Foley

Utilizing over two decades of executive marketing and business development expertise in corporate America, combined with extensive global travel experience; she provides a unique perspective on tourism development.

Mateja Kramar

Mateja Kramar is a Marketing and Communications Expert with over 20 years of experience. She is/was a Co-Founder and Manager of many successful companies. She is working with companies in the areas of re-invention, cultural changes and re-branding. In the last 10 years she was working as a Management Consultant and Mentor.

Justyna Tarwid

Justyna Tarwid

Justyna is an experienced Management Consultant with a demonstrated history of working for global institutions within the financial services, public and non-profit sector. She has extensive experience managing operational excellence projects, leading multinational project teams and enabling organisational transformations.

Jesus Amador

Jesus Amadori

Jesus Amadori is a Finance & Strategy expert with 17 years of experience. He worked for several investment banks before definitely embracing the insurance world, where he now is the CFO for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) for the largest Spanish insurance company.

Elizabeth Ashley Durham

Elizabeth Ashley Durham

Elizabeth Ashley (E.A.) Durham is an international development professional and has been working in developing markets for over ten years, particularly Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Malawi. For the past two years, she has been based in Nigeria where she represented The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Nigeria’s polio eradication program.

Amy Warren

Amy Warren

Amy Warren is a seasoned marketing professional with nine years of multi-disciplinary experience, developing and executing multi-national campaigns across leading Fortune 500 companies.

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Content Writing Team

Janine Griffiths

Janine is a writer from England, with a background in marketing and journalism. She has represented many major brands throughout her career such as HSBC, Prudential and BIM. She runs a popular travel blog called and has made has previously worked for major regional newspapers in the UK such as the Guardian, Yorkshire Post and the Shropshire Star.


Marine Langreney

Marine is a sustainable tourism consultant who works as a Content Writer for Fair Voyage. She brings years of responsible travel industry experience in Marketing and Communications and is interested in advocating for decentralizing the tourism industry to help support and encourage visitations to local businesses.


Our Mission

We are building a highly PERSONALIZED solution to help you find & CUSTOMIZE your best CONSCIOUS travel experience. Different from other agencies and platforms, we curate offers across 100% verified RESPONSIBLE suppliers to find YOUR BEST OFFER.
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Fair Voyage Values

Our Values

Our values are the very reason for your existence: Transparency, Responsibility, Fairness,  Collaboration, Humanity. We commit to you that we will make every effort to operate transparently, responsibly, fairly, collaboratively, and as humans.
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Fair Voyage Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to connect CONSCIOUS TRAVELLERS to RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL EXPERIENCES – efficiently, sustainably and with transparency. We strive to become the first-choice and trusted partner of conscious travellers when booking complex travel experiences around the world.
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