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Our mission is to offer a highly personalized, easy-to-use, and transparent booking platform for 100% responsible travel experiences around the world.

Originating from our initial focus on the Kilimanjaro area in Tanzania and Kenya, we exist to serve, connect and support three communities:

  1. Travellers thinking of exploring and discovering less developed regions across Africa, Asia and Latin America
  2. Verified responsible tour operators
  3. Local communities and workers in the tourism industry
Booking a multi-day travel experience shall be efficient, reliable and transparent from today forth

We are building this transparent and time saving platform for you and with you in mind. We know how important it is to book your vacation with a responsible tour operator, and how time-consuming it can be to compare them and their services. Hence, we will help you save time, curate tour operators, make it easy to book your personalized travel experience, and provide a safe and reliable online payment gateway.
Fair Voyage strives to ultimately take care of all your administrative, informative and organizational needs as a travellers so that you can enjoy a memorable, safe and well-prepared adventure—hassle free.

All responsible tour operators shall have a fair chance to compete

For responsible tour operators, our mission is to build a neutral, efficient and highly visible platform. A platform that provides all market participants—small and big, local and international, low-cost and luxury alike—the opportunity to sell their tours to clients globally and build trust with a demanding clientele based on actual service, quality and performance standards. To do this, we build a neutral, open and highly visible platform.

Our commitment to you is to build an efficient administrative tool so that you as tour operator can focus your time on the actual service delivery while we do the marketing for you.

Local communities and tourism workers shall be treated fairly

For local communities, our mission is to bring more responsible tourism to less developed regions in order to sustainably promote local development and global integration at large. For workers in the tourism in industry, such as the porters of Kilimanjaro and beyond, our mission is to build a sustainable solution for fair treatment in order to stop the exploitation of human labor. We believe that global travellers demand fair and responsible practices, and that building awareness and creating transparency amongst the travel community is the most powerful way to sustainably upgrade industry practices.

Our mission clearly is to continually enrich the Fair Voyage platform with new responsible travel experiences across countries and continents. This will allow us to expand our reach and grow the number of communities that we serve, connect and support.

Alexandra PastollniggFounder of Fair Voyage
Fair Voyage Values

Our Values

Our values are the very reason for your existence: Transparency, Responsibility, Fairness,  Collaboration, Humanity. We commit to you that we will make every effort to operate transparently, responsibly, fairly, collaboratively, and as humans.
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Fair Voyage Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to connect CONSCIOUS TRAVELLERS to RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL EXPERIENCES – efficiently, sustainably and with transparency. We strive to become the first-choice and trusted partner of conscious travellers when booking complex travel experiences around the world.
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