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Our Vision

By 2050, we will live in a sustainable and peaceful world led by conscious leaders.

By keeping our bigger vision for the world in mind, we want to challenge ourselves to maximize our positive impact towards this bigger end goal and continually align our mission and work accordingly. Every single day, we want to ask ourselves: “Are our actions aligned with this vision? How can we collaborate to accelerate our progress towards this vision? What is the single most important work we can do today to co-create our vision?”

In today’s world, it’s all too easy to get caught up in conflicts of interest, pursue narrow goals with possibly harmful side effects, and lose sight of the bigger picture. My personal vision for Fair Voyage is that we always stay clear of possible conflicts of interest, have the clarity and perspective to know what’s right, and retain the flexibility and self-awareness we need to do what’s right.

Alexandra PastollniggFounder of Fair Voyage
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