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Our Values

Our values are the reason for our existence.

They define who we are and how we make decisions. We commit to always put our values before profit and hold ourselves accountable to act according to our values.

We have divided our values into three non-negotiable values that we want to see in the world—Humanity, Peace, Sustainability;

and five core values that we must practice day-to-day to realize our vision—Responsibility, Collaboration, Truth & Candor, Empathy, Personal Growth.

Take the right action and be the change we need!

We recognize our ability to respond to any situation and co-create the world we want to live in. We are more interested in being the solution then making someone else responsible for a problem. We take action and do what feels right, even at the risk of failure. We ask “why” and “how can I be the solution”?

Support each other to co-create our shared vision!

Humanity must stand united in our shared vision for a sustainable and peaceful world—and we must lead by example. We see the positive in all people and organizations, embrace diversity, and support each other to co-create our shared vision. We ask “how can I serve”?

Truth & Candor
Seek truth, speak up with candor, and take a stand!

We seek our own truth, not mistake what others say for truth. We speak our own truth and communicate directly, even at the risk of rejection. We speak truth to authority and take a stand for our truth. We want to know what’s right, not be right. We ask “can I be sure”?

See the other side and respect all humans, near and far!

We seek to understand before seeking to be understood. We practice empathy and show respect for all humans—the familiar person near us as much as the person behind the numbers on the other side of the planet. We listen and ask “how can I better understand”?

Personal Growth
Commit to becoming the best version of ourselves!

To improve our ability to take the right actions and fulfill our purpose, we grow our skills and awareness. We strive for excellence and seek to become the best version of ourselves, living in our zone of genius. We ask “what do I need to learn to become the solution”?

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