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About Us

We strive to make responsible travel easy and to become the #1 trusted partner for conscious travellers when booking complex trips to Africa and lower income countries

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We at Fair Voyage are building an ethical & sustainable tour booking platform that exclusively promotes verified responsible tour operators. Our aim is to help you find your single best conscious travel offer amongst all responsible operators. We do so because we believe that making it easy for travellers to book a conscious trip is the most sustainable way to promote responsible tourism practices. In that sense, we are a platform for responsible tour operators and conscious travellers.

Our services, however, go far beyond providing a technology platform. We aim to provide you as conscious traveller with our best personal & independent advice. Furthermore, we wish to give you the assurance that your funds are safely protected when you book and pay for a trip through us with a local company in a less developed country that doesn't yet have adequate insurance schemes. That's why we're fully registered as a travel agency in Switzerland – a country with a very strong legal & regulatory system to protect your personal & financial interests as a consumer – and insured with the Swiss Travel Security travel deposit guarantee scheme.

Different from traditional agencies, we don't subcontract with only one local tour operator in each destination. Our goal is to help you find your best offer amongst all responsible tour operators and put you in touch with the best company to provide your local tour operating services. We aim to create full transparency about the companies we promote and put you in touch directly with them.

By being legally registered as travel agency, yet 100% neutral on the companies with promote, we aim to combine the best of both traditional agency and platform models for your benefit.

Read more about the companies operating your tours, about the difference between such local tour operators and international agencies, and 5 reasons why Fair Voyage is able to offer tours cheaper than other agencies.

Fair Voyage Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to connect CONSCIOUS TRAVELLERS to RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL EXPERIENCES – efficiently, sustainably and with transparency. We strive to become the first-choice and trusted partner of conscious travellers when booking complex travel experiences around the world.
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Our Mission

We are building a highly PERSONALIZED solution to help you find & CUSTOMIZE your best CONSCIOUS travel experience. Different from other agencies and platforms, we curate offers across 100% verified RESPONSIBLE suppliers to find YOUR BEST OFFER.
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Fair Voyage Values

Our Values

Our values are the very reason for your existence: Transparency, Responsibility, Fairness,  Collaboration, Humanity. We commit to you that we will make every effort to operate transparently, responsibly, fairly, collaboratively, and as humans.
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Our Awards & Recognitions

Awarded for our commitment to sustainability and invited to participate in leading industry events
Travelife Partner

Travelife is the leading responsible tourism certification organization globally with the most comprehensive & strict set of award criteria. We are proud that we’ve been awarded the Travelife Partner award for our commitment to sustainability.

International Trade Center

ITC is a joint venture of the UN and WTO. Under their She Trades program that aims to help local female entrepreneurs access global markets, we were invited to participate in an event for female tourism entrepreneurs in Rwanda and Uganda and had the opportunity to present our responsible travel mission to them. We are thrilled that both countries are now introducing responsible travel certifications locally.


The Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) is a Tanzanian non-profit organization with the mission to improve the working conditions of the porters on Kilimanjaro. They are the only organization that monitors porter treatment practices locally. We are proud to be the only booking platform endorsed by KPAP.

International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC)

Early 2018, our Founder has been invited to become a Board member of the International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC), the head organization of KPAP. Keen to support KPAP locally and promote fair porter treatment practices in mountain destinations globally, we were honored to accept this invitation and contribute whatever we can to IMEC and KPAP’s mission!

Responsible Tourism Tanzania (RTTZ)

Responsible Tourism Tanzania (RTTZ) is a non-profit organization that encourages and promotes a more sustainable tourism industry within Tanzania. RTTZ believes that the best in Tanzanian tourism is yet to come. So do we! Through our affiliate KiliGATE, we are a member of RTTZ.

WTM Africa, Cape Town, 2018

We were invited to participate at WTM Africa 2018, the leading African tourism conference, as so-called fully hosted buyer. This means that we had the opportunity to meet dozens of local companies and source the most sustainable travel experiences across Southern and Eastern Africa for you. 

We participated as one of Switzerland’s most promising start-ups in the Innosuisse Business Growth Program for ICT start-ups hosted by Venturelab. The program helped us strengthen our presence and network in the Swiss startup sector, and sharpen our marketing and business acumen.

We were honored to be invited as one of only five female founded social impact start-ups to present our social business case at the Zug Impact Summit organized by the Swiss Impact Investment Association (SIIA) in September 2018. This gave us the opportunity to share our sustainable travel vision in front of a distinguished audience of entrepreneurs, investors and politicians.

Magical Kenya Travel Expo

We were invited to participate in the Magical Kenya Travel Expo in October 2018 as so-called hosted buyer. Touring the country for a month and meeting with over 50 sustainable local companies in Kenya and East Africa, we’ve been scouting the most authentic experiences and eco-friendly accommodations for you. We’ve also been honored to share our impressions with our host country live on Kenyan TV.

seif is a Swiss organization that supports teams who apply innovative business ideas to respond to current social and/or environmental problems. We were honored to participate as one of Switzerland’s most promising social impact start-ups in the seif Impact Academy for social entrepreneurs. 


Recognized for our efforts by leading industry publications as well as travel and social impact blogs


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November 2018

Passion Passport

November 2017


October 2017

Our History

From ethical Kilimanjaro tours to conscious travel experiences globally
Learning About Porter Exploitation

Our Founder became aware of the exploitation of porters on Kilimanjaro when she climbed the mountain and researched the market for her book Kilimanjaro Uncovered (published 2016).

Social Business Case

Together with like-minded individuals from around the world, we developed the concept for a sustainable tour booking platform as part of a social entrepreneurship program with Berkeley Haas.

Early 2017
From Cairo to Cape Town

Our Founder cycled from Cairo to Cape Town. Experiencing the beauty of the entire continent and the warmth of its people, the initial vision for Fair Voyage was born: To help you too explore Africa – safely and responsibly.

Mid 2017
Launch of KiliGATE

We launched our predecessor KiliGATE.com in cooperation with local responsible tour operators and the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) to promote ethical Kilimanjaro climbs.

Jul 2018
Travelife Partner Award

We’ve received the Travelife Partner award for our commitment to sustainability.

Sep 2017
UN mission to Rwanda & Uganda

We participated in an ICT (UN/WTO) sponsored mission for female tourism entrepreneurs in Rwanda and Uganda. This helped us introduce the concept of responsible tourism certifications locally, and to source local tour operators who are already leaders in sustainability.

Nov 2017
WTM London – Preparing to Go Global

Seeing the need for more sustainable travel globally, we met with dozens of certified responsible tour operators from around the world during WTM London, the largest tourism conference globally. Ever since, we can’t wait to make the most exciting of those conscious travel experiences available to you.

Nov 2018
Travelife Audit Training

We participated in a comprehensive training to audit tour operators who wish to become Travelife certified for their compliance with comprehensive responsible & sustainable tourism criteria. While we do not plan to audit companies directly in order to retain our independence, the auditor qualification helps us curate the best conscious travel experiences for you.

Jan 2018
Rebranding to Fair Voyage

We rebranded from KiliGATE to Fair Voyage and launched our new platform. This will help us build a more personalized solution for you, and – over time – to help you customize your best conscious travel experiences for more and more destinations globally.

Feb 2018
Travel Funds Insurance

We became a member of the Swiss Travel Association STAR. Any payments for bookings made to us are now 100% secured by the Swiss Travel Security (STS) deposit guarantee scheme.

Apr 2018
WTM Cape Town and ATM Dubai

We participated in the leading travel conferences for Africa and the Middle East. Through hundreds of meetings, we’ve been able to source the most responsible tour companies and truly exciting experiences for you across the entire continent.

May 2018
Innosuisse Startup Program

We participated as one of Switzerland’s most promising start-ups in the Innosuisse Business Growth Program for ICT start-ups hosted by Venturelab.

September 2018
Swiss Impact Investment Summit

We got selected as one of only 5 female founded social impact startups to present our sustainable travel vision at the Zug SIIA Impact Investment Summit in Switzerland.

October 2018
MKTE Nairobi & TV Interview

We participated in the leading travel conference for East Africa and scouted the most exciting experiences and eco-friendly accommodations across Kenya for you. We were also honored to share our impressions live on Kenyan TV.

End 2018
seif Impact Academy

We participated in the seif Impact Academy for social entrepreneurs. seif is a Swiss organization that supports teams who apply innovative business ideas to respond to current social and/or environmental problems.

More Experiences Coming Online

We are currently in the process of making safaris, gorilla trekking, hiking tours in Asia and Central America, exotic beach & scuba diving, cycling adventures, and more exciting experiences that we have curated for you available directly online.

Your #1 Trusted Partner Globally

By 2020, we hope that you’ve booked one of our responsible travel experiences with us. As we will make every effort to convince you with our personalized services and best customized offers, we hope that we will have earned your trust as #1 partner when booking your next conscious travel adventure.