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B Corp Certification

To independently prove our commitment to creating holistic positive impact

Fair Voyage is proud to be a Certified B Corporation and first B Corp certified travel agency registered in Switzerland.

Scroll down or head over to the B Lab Global website to learn more about B Lab, the B Impact Assessment and our Impact Score. 

To verify our certification, see the Fair Voyage listing as B Corp certified company or download our B Corp Certification

To learn more about the Fair Voyage story leading up to our B Corp certification, read our news release of June 2022.

What is B Lab?

B Lab is a global nonprofit organization supporting a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

B Lab conducts global activities such as the B Corporation certification process, which recognizes credible companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, and provides companies with the tools to measure and improve their impact, such as the B Impact Assessment (BIA) or the SDG Action Manager. Finally, B Lab conducts regional engagement programs to introduce new companies to impact measurement and sustainability transition.

What is the B Impact Assessment (BIA)?

Created by the NGO B Lab, the BIA is an international standard and a free online assessment tool that allows companies to evaluate their impacts and good practices. The systemic rating is based on the response to more than 200 elements in 5 impact areas: environment, employees, customers, community and governance.

The criteria and validation of the certification process are defined by B Lab's independent Standards Advisory Council (SAC), including:

  • Obtaining a minimum verified score of 80 points out of 200.
  • Validation of the disclosure and transparency questionnaire with 60 unweighted items, clarifying possible controversies.
  • The integration of B Corp Clauses in the company's legal statutes: the company must have a material positive impact on all stakeholders including the environment and consider them in its decision-making process.

Three main requirements for obtaining B Corp certification:

The three main requirements for obtaining B Corp certification are:

  • Social & Environmental performance: Achieve 80+ points in the BIA evaluation questionnaire after verification by Standards Analysts, independent of B Lab Switzerland.
  • Legal Clauses: (a) Incorporating B Corp Clauses into the company's bylaws to consider all stakeholders in the company's mission and decision-making process, and (b) notarial deed & publication in the commercial register.
  • B Impact Report: Rating made publicly available online with detailed score by impact area.

In addition to these three requirements, B Lab's Standards Trust has set specific and supplementary requirements for companies active in so-called "controversial industries". More information on the additional requirements for companies active in controversial industries can be found on B Lab Global's website.

The Fair Voyage B Corp Certification and Impact Assessment:

Fair Voyage obtained the B Corp certification in June 2022 with an overall impact assessment score of 86.

To verify the Fair Voyage B Corp certification and learn more about our impact assessment by category, visit our listing page on the B Lab Global website, or download our B Corp certificate.


More questions?

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