Osama Muhammad, Software Engineer | Fair Voyage


Osama Muhammad

Software Engineer

Osama is our software genius. He holds a Bachelor’s degree, BS (Hons), in IT, and has been building beautiful websites in the WordPress eco-system for the past 7+ years.

Osama started his journey as an employee, then moved to full-time Freelancing. In 2020, he realized his dream to start his own an agency. In addition to working for clients such as Fair Voyage, Osama also continues to pursue his own entrepreneurial initiatives such as dPlugins.com, a joint venture to build premium WordPress plugins to make WordPress more user friendly and productive.

Based in Lahore, Pakistan, Osama has been working remotely—and over the years ever more closely—with Fair Voyage ever since our initial launch in 2017. This makes Osama not only our software genius, but also our very first and longest team member next to our Founder!

When Osama doesn’t write code, he loves trekking and traveling in the mountains. His motivation for Fair Voyage—to be part of an organization with the mission to help make tourism a sustainable operation for both travelers, tour operators and local travel service providers and communities alike.

Together, we are thrilled to have built such a strong working relationship and demonstrated by example the power of a shared global mission and values to bring together and unite teams across continents and cultures, for a bigger purpose.

Osama would also love to see us help more conscious travelers visit his beautiful home country Pakistan. The rest of the team can’t wait for our first fam trip to Pakistan, to meet Osama in person, and add his beautiful home country to our destinations!