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Our outcome values: Sustainability, Peace, Humanity

When we defined our values at Fair Voyage, we felt that Sustainability, Peace, and Humanity all were important values that needed to be part of our core values, because that’s the outcome we want to see in the world—our vision.

However, when including Sustainability, Peace, and/or Humanity in our shortlist of top five values, there always seemed to be some other values missing that were also crucial to achieve our vision.

So then we asked: What behaviors do we need to practice every single day in order to achieve our vision?

This helped us realize that Sustainability, Peace, Humanity can only be achieved if each of us takes Responsibility and we hold ourselves accountable to practice certain behaviors.

When we listed all those behaviors, we realized that Sustainability is not a value in and by itself, but an outcome that can only be achieved by practicing certain behaviors.

We came to the strong conclusion that the values and behaviors we need for Sustainability are: Responsibility, Collaboration, Truth & Candor, Empathy, and Personal Growth. With any of those missing, Sustainability remains an illusion.

Therefore, more importantly than tracking of simplistic Sustainability KPIs, we strongly advocate for a shift towards value-based leadership and management principles as an absolute must have for sustainability, peace, and the continued thriving of our shared global humanity on earth.