How we hold ourselves accountable to our values as part of our performance reviews | Fair Voyage


How we hold ourselves accountable to our values as part of our performance reviews

We at Fair Voyage commit to always put our values before profit and hold ourselves accountable to act according to our values.

To do so, we must ensure that each team member is deeply aware of what our values mean for our day-to-day actions and decision. To do so, each of our team members is asked to read about our expected behaviors and values as part of their joining process, as well as review those regularly, at least on a yearly basis.

Furthermore, we must reflect on and assess the display of our values in our regular performance reviews, which we hold formally on a quarterly basis. You can view transparently our internal performance review template (find our Company Values tracking in section C); and feel free to download a copy to adjust for your own use.

We have learnt that by being clear on our expected behaviors and values, and having transparent conversations about our values and feelings, each team member is able to “feel” instantly any serious deviations.

Furthermore, we have learnt that when each of us takes the responsibility to lead by example, practice vulnerability, and thereby create a safe space for others, it becomes ever easier for each team member to develop the courage to speak up about our feelings and have difficult conversations in a conscious way.

Consequently, we have been able to develop the practice to immediately discuss any critical deviations from our values at least on a weekly basis, as part of our regular team meetings, if not sooner.

As a conclusion, the more we hold ourselves and our team members accountable to our values, the better we become at practicing them consistently as a team. We are proud of acting in integrity with our values!