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How does Fair Voyage minimize my climate footprint?

In addition to sourcing independently verified responsible suppliers, Fair Voyage also commits to offset the carbon and greenhouse gas (“GHG”) footprint of your travels.

However, we wanted to do it the right way, not just the easy way. When we started our research in early 2019, we were not able to locate any reputable and transparent studies comparing GHG calculators, fair offset prices, or most meaningful green technology investments. As we did not want to risk participating with “greenwashing”, we initiated our own research in collaboration with the University of Lucerne. See the resulting research report on The Impact of Flying and How It Can Be Mitigated.

We then went on to further shortlist the most accurate and conservative GHG calculation and offset solutions for final implementation, and ran a test API implementation in autumn 2020 in collaboration with Compensaid, at the time a Lufthansa Innovation Hub startup powered by MyClimate. You can check our carbon calculator illustration.

Due to the prolonged impact of COVID-19 for our destinations, as well as a changes in our business model to focus on tailor-made slow trips for more comprehensive Positive Climate Action that better reflects and mitigates the entire impact of our trips (not just offset our carbon footprint), we decided to postpone the final technical implementation in order to free up resources for more urgent sustainability priorities and run our calculations manually in the near-term.

Starting 2021, we offset the entire impact of our trips—including international flights (if booked with us), accommodations and local transportation–based on our aggregate total trip volumes, following our periodic footprint calculation and offset approach.

To offset the impact, we re-invest in a select portfolio of climate protection projects in our destinations that meet highest globally recognized standards as curated by MyClimate or Atmosfair, as well as offer our travelers the possibility to invest in Sustainable Aviation Fuel. More details coming soon.

Meanwhile, should you wish to book a trip and be sure to minimize your footprint, simply request a fully transparent calculation and individual trip offset certificate as your personal proof of action.

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