Melissa Foley - Advisory Board Member @ Fair Voyage

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Melissa Foley

Melissa Foley

Senior Advisor, Responsible Tourism


Utilizing over two decades of executive marketing and business development expertise in corporate America, combined with extensive global travel experience; she provides a unique perspective on tourism development.
Melissa has lived abroad for several years consulting for various NGO’s in Greece, India, Cambodia, Thailand and Tanzania. Primarily focused on women’s health, education, advocacy and wildlife conservation she has developed and implemented sustainable outreach programs integrating responsible tourism and voluntourism with local community development.

Most recently as a marketing consultant to local tour operators, lodges and the largest safari vehicle manufacturing company in Africa, she has established international networks and is actively promoting the development of corporate social responsibility policies into the tourism industry.

Having successfully climbed Kilimanjaro in 2016, she has a strong passion and commitment to the fair and ethical treatment of the hardworking mountain crew.