Stefan Huber, Innosuisse Specialty Coach for Digital Storytelling

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Stefan Huber

Innosuisse Coach, Storytelling Expert

Stefan Huber is the Founder of Swiss Storytelling LAB StoryUp and has contributed his storytelling expertise to Fair Voyage as part of the Innosuisse start-up coaching program for innovative Swiss businesses, in the capacity as Innosuisse Specialty Coach for Digital Storytelling & Video Marketing.

Stefan sees setbacks and struggle as a unique opportunity for positive change and transformation. As a serial entrepreneur who was hit hard by the financial crisis in 2008 and had to fight for survival, yet also stayed positive and gained new strengths learning from failures, Stefan knows first-hand what it means to pivot and transform a business during moments of crisis.

With his passion for storytelling fueled by personal experience, we couldn’t have hoped for a better Specialty Coach when we first met in April 2020 to guide and inform our strategic transformation and redesign process during a most crucial time throughout the COVID-19 pandemic; and we enjoyed our always positive and re-energizing sessions so much so that we’ve stayed in regular exchange ever since.