Fair Voyage Travel Vouchers | A Meaningful Gift With A Soul.


Gift a Fair Voyage Travel Voucher

Introducing Fair Voyage Travel Vouchers – the gift that keeps on giving!

Looking for that perfect meaningful gift that your special someone or distinguished business contact will remember for a lifetime? Gift them a fair and exclusive journey crafted just for them! We are happy to customize that perfect gift for you. Order now.

Exclusively for Fair Voyage clients and network (on invite only)*:
* Subject to minimum Voucher value of CHF/EUR/USD 5,000 and payment by bank transfer.

  • Free custom voucher design service, issuance and worldwide shipment.
  • Expedite next day shipment on request (subject to availability).

For personalized vouchers, we will send you a design for approval. Or choose one of our three voucher design options that we have already prepared for you.

The final Voucher will be issued upon payment, which you can make by bank transfer or credit card. See our Travel Voucher Terms & Conditions for more information.

To order, send us your wishes by email to support@fairvoyage.com, or use our form:

Voucher Order Form

Design Options

Option 1: Safari Theme
Option 2: Hiking Theme
Option 3: Feminine Theme

Choose one of the three design options above, or request a custom voucher design. Order here

Good to Know

Travel Voucher Terms & Conditions

We are happy to issue and customize Fair Voyage travel vouchers on request. Simply send us your voucher wishes and ideas using our order form, or by email to support@fairvoyage.com, including:

  • Amount and currency;
  • For a personalized design: any special occasion/theme, wording, or photos you'd like us to include;
  • For limited vouchers: any named traveler(s), destination, experience, trip, or timeframe you wish the voucher specifically to be used for;
  • For physical/print vouchers: mailing address as well as any special wishes for the letter or delivery;
  • For immediate needs: time by when you need the voucher, to help us prioritize your request.

We will send you a design for approval. The final voucher (Voucher) will be issued upon payment, which you can make by bank transfer or credit card.

For voucher requests that do not fall under a special program or invite, we reserve the right to invoice a Voucher issuance fee of US$100 to help us partially cover our costs including administration, materials, shipment, and safe bookkeeping of Voucher values in segregated accounts (Voucher Issuance Fee), or a Voucher issuance and custom design fee of USD$250 including our cost of custom design, printing and the personal service by a customer experience manager (Voucher Custom Design and Issuance Fee).

Please note that the value of your Voucher will only be covered by our Swiss Deposit Guarantee Insurance once it has been redeemed for a specific trip Booking, to the extent of the redeemed value (more info).

Redeeming a Travel Voucher

Unless otherwise stated for a specific Voucher, all Vouchers can be redeemed for any trip bookable with Fair Voyage at the time of booking, including—in addition to the local Tour—any price components for international flights, service charges, VAT, donations, or other amounts invoiced by Fair Voyage, subject to the following terms and limitations:

  • All Vouchers are subject to our latest general Terms and Conditions as published on our website. Any additional terms specific to the Voucher apply as and if stated on the Voucher, including any limitations or exceptions to the terms stated herewith.
  • Vouchers must be redeemed within three (3) years of issuance, or by the date stated on the Voucher (Validity Period). If the Voucher owner or beneficiary cannot travel or find a suitable trip to book within the Validity Period:
    • Extension: Requests for extension on exceptional basis must be submitted by email to support@fairvoyage.com within the Validity Period. Any extension is subject to the Voucher owner or beneficiary having submitted an inquiry for a specific trip, and subject to written agreement by and in the sole discretion of Fair Voyage. Fair Voyage will consider each request on case by case basis, and may or may not grant an extension on exceptional basis. In each case of request and agreement to an extension, the Validity Period will be extended for maximum 1 additional year. If the Voucher owner or beneficiary still cannot travel or find a suitable trip to book within the extension period, a new request must be submitted within the previously extended Validity Period.
    • Refunds: Refunds can be issued only on request by the initial purchaser, within the Validity Period. To obtain a refund, please send your request to support@fairvoyage.com. A service charge of the bigger of US$250 or 10% of the Voucher value applies and will be deducted from any refunds. Please also note our Policy on Refund Discrepancies due to Transaction Fees or Exchange Rates.
    • Expiry: If, within the Validity Period, a Voucher has not been redeemed and no extension agreed or refund requested, the Voucher value will be forfeited at the end of the Validity Period. Fair Voyage may, at its sole discretion, invest or donate the forfeited Voucher value for a positive impact cause of its choice.
    • Vouchers may not be applied retrospectively.
  • Any value of each unique Voucher ID can only be redeemed once. Vouchers with the same ID are deemed copies of each other, such as when you receive a Voucher electronically and in print, or Vouchers reissued when declared lost.
  • For your security, you must provide your unique Voucher ID on booking. If you have registered your Voucher with your personal contact details, we will keep track of your Voucher ID(s) for you. Vouchers that have been lost, stolen or destroyed before registering your contact details can be reissued to the initial purchaser.
  • Vouchers issued for a specific individual named on the Voucher are non-transferable. When you receive a Voucher issued in your name, you can spend it on yourself, or on your friends and family.
  • On redemption, when paying for a trip or other Service by Voucher, the same Terms and Conditions valid at the time of Booking apply to the booked services as if booked and paid for in cash, including our Change Fee and Cancellations and Refunds Policy; except:
  • Any refund associated with your Booking will be a refund back to the same original Voucher credit used for the Booking. Where payment was made in cash and Voucher(s), and the refund is less than the original payment, the refund will first be applied up the the original Voucher credit used and only any remaining portion will be refunded in cash.
  • Each Voucher can be redeemed only once for one (1) trip, for one or multiple travelers traveling together on the same trip. Multiple Vouchers can be used for the same booking. Any portion of the Voucher value not fully used at the time of Booking can be kept open as credit available for add-ons and changes until 40 days prior to the start of your Tour. For Vouchers with a value in excess of US$2,500, if the remaining unused value is greater than 10% of its total value, you may also request us until 30 days after the end of your Tour to keep the remaining balance open as credit available for a future Booking. Any remaining unused portion of the Voucher value will be forfeited 30 days after the end of your Tour.
  • Vouchers cannot be used for expenses typically incurred and paid for locally, such as food or spa treatments; unless pre-booked with your Travel Advisor at the time of Booking or until 40 days prior to the start of your Tour.
  • The value of the local Tour paid for with the Voucher has to be at least the bigger of US$5,000 or 50% of the Voucher value. Only Voucher values in excess of US$5,000, and in no case more than 50% of the total value, can be redeemed for other travel services booked or paid for as part of the same trip, such as any International Flight Bookings, except:
  • If you cannot fully redeem a Voucher value for your trip, or in its entirety within its Validity Period, you may also ask us until 30 days after the end of your Tour, or until the end of the Validity Period in case of no Bookings, to invest the unused value into Sustainable Aviation Fuel purchases or make a donation to a Fair Voyage curated climate friendly or local impact project on your behalf. A service charge of the bigger of US$250 or 10% of the Voucher value applies and will be deducted from any such investments or donations, to help us cover our administrative costs.

Are Vouchers Covered by Travel Funds Deposit Insurance?

When you purchase or receive a Fair Voyage Voucher, please note that its value will only be covered by our travel funds insurance once it has been redeemed for a specific trip Booking, to the extent of the redeemed value. General travel vouchers without a specific trip booking do not legally constitute a deposit towards a so-called package holiday that can be covered by customary travel funds deposit guarantee schemes, and, thus, we are unable to ensure its value for you.

For your security, Fair Voyage holds all traveler funds, including funds paid for Vouchers, in segregate accounts, only to be used on booking for the purpose of your trip, and in no case for our own funding. However, as with any company, you are exposed to our credit risk. As general best practice, we recommend that you do not take our words for granted and only purchase Vouchers if you are confident in our leadership and governance.

As Voucher owner, if you are concerned about the credit risk of your Voucher, we recommend you to redeem it as soon as possible by booking a trip with us. As soon as you have made a Booking, you can rest assured that all your pre-payments for your Tour, including the value of your Voucher that you use towards your payment, will be covered by our our Swiss Travel Security deposit guarantee insurance.

In other words, redeeming your Voucher for a Booking is the best way to protect your asset. And, of course, once you've been on that trip, the experience will be yours for a lifetime!