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How does Fair Voyage insure my payments?

Fair Voyage is insured with the Swiss Travel Security guarantee scheme for traveler deposits, and you can verify our official listing here. This means that when you book a trip with us, all your funds that you pay to us ahead of your trip (including any initial Deposit, Balance, Adjustment, and Full Payments) are 100% guaranteed to be protected against bankruptcy and no-shows.

In the unfortunate event that we—no matter whether Fair Voyage AG as travel agency headquartered in Switzerland or any of our operating partners and suppliers who are locally delivering our services to you—would not deliver your trip to you, you receive your full payments back & more, hassle-free!

You might also like to know that so far, we have not yet had such an event.

Be careful if you consider booking directly with a local company as no such insurance scheme exists yet in many of our destinations countries, and even previously sound bonding schemes in high income countries may no longer offer safe protection due to a high number of bankruptcies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also be careful if you consider booking with a local company via a platform that does not explicitly offer safe travel funds insurance, and note that a safe payment guarantee usually only refers to your card payment transaction. It does not automatically mean your monies are safe once paid.

Having safe travel funds insurance is a mandatory regulatory requirement for all travel agencies that are legally registered in Switzerland.