Are Vouchers Covered by Travel Funds Deposit Insurance? | Fair Voyage


Are Vouchers Covered by Travel Funds Deposit Insurance?

When you purchase or receive a Fair Voyage Voucher, please note that its value will only be covered by our travel funds insurance once it has been redeemed for a specific trip Booking, to the extent of the redeemed value. General travel vouchers without a specific trip booking do not legally constitute a deposit towards a so-called package holiday that can be covered by customary travel funds deposit guarantee schemes, and, thus, we are unable to ensure its value for you.

For your security, Fair Voyage holds all traveler funds, including funds paid for Vouchers, in segregate accounts, only to be used on booking for the purpose of your trip, and in no case for our own funding. However, as with any company, you are exposed to our credit risk. As general best practice, we recommend that you do not take our words for granted and only purchase Vouchers if you are confident in our leadership and governance.

As Voucher owner, if you are concerned about the credit risk of your Voucher, we recommend you to redeem it as soon as possible by booking a trip with us. As soon as you have made a Booking, you can rest assured that all your pre-payments for your Tour, including the value of your Voucher that you use towards your payment, will be covered by our our Swiss Travel Security deposit guarantee insurance.

In other words, redeeming your Voucher for a Booking is the best way to protect your asset. And, of course, once you’ve been on that trip, the experience will be yours for a lifetime!