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Maasai Cultural Package – 6 Days

6 Days, 5 Nights

About This Trip

The most famous tribe of Africa, the Maasai, are a common sight when driving around national parks. While it is possible to pay for a photo with a Maasai child or warrior on the side of the road, a moretter way to experience the real Maasai culture is to 'live with them'.
Stay at our lodge and get to know your personal Maasai guide who will teach you several things (eg. spear throwing, make your own Maasai tire shoes & much more). Additionally, spend a night in a boma in Maasailand and enjoy your time with this unique tribe and learn about their style of life and traditions.
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Most Fair Voyage Clients prefer to book international flights directly, or via their preferred concierge or booking agent, for cost or convenience reasons. Therefore, we currently offer international flight booking services on request only.

For international flight bookings, an upfront non-refundable administrative fee of US$250 (Flight Booking Fee) applies for each reservation and booking. The Flight Booking Fee is applied per person if traveling solo, or per couple, family or small group of up to four persons traveling together on the same international flights.

On request and agreement with your travel advisor, we issue a priced flight reservation according to your indicated preferred flight connection and booking class. You must check your flight reservation details carefully, as tickets are issued in your name which must match your passport, might be non-refundable, and your airline conditions as well as any special ticket conditions such as baggage restrictions or fees for making changes after ticket issuance, as well as our Change Fee, apply once tickets are issued.

Flight prices and availabilities may exceptionally change between reservation and booking due to changes made by the airline or our booking administrator, which are outside of our control. For any significant changes, we will request you to reconfirm your reservation prior to proceeding with ticket issuance. Flight bookings are only confirmed upon ticket issuance.

Carbon Offset for International Flight Bookings

We help you offset the carbon emissions of your international flights when booked with Fair Voyage. To do so, we use Compensaid. You can learn more about the reason why we have chosen Compensaid, including our research and implementation approach, as part of our Climate Action.

For all international flights booked with Fair Voyage, compensating emissions at least in the long run (10 years) is mandatory. To do so, we invest in the portfolio of international projects for global impact as curated by Compensaid for offset via their website, or local projects curated by Fair Voyage specifically for (y)our destination(s) (Default Offset).

Beyond compensating in the long run, we recommend all travelers to compensate emissions with immediate impact (0 years) by purchasing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) (SAF Offset).

We transparently show you the CO2 emissions and offset price for both options, at your choice which option you wish to pay for. The offset price will be invoiced to you as part of your total flight price and is non-refundable.

For flights not booked with Fair Voyage, we also offer you the service to help you calculate and offset your emissions on request when traveling with Fair Voyage. A non-refundable administrative fee of US$100 (Offset Fee) applies for each set of calculations per trip booking.

International Flight Booking Transaction Fees

For all international flight booking invoices and payments, including amounts for offsets and fees, an additional 2.0% transaction fee applies for payments made by credit card or Voucher.

Changes to International Flights

Changes to booked flights are subject to the conditions of your flight tickets and airline. If you wish to make changes to international flights once booked, we are most happy to help you do so and process changes to your tickets and flight connections, subject to our Change Fee and Service Times. Alternatively, you can also contact the airline directly using the contact details stated on your ticket or provided with your booking.

When you make changes directly and these impact your arrival or departure details, please also remember to inform your travel advisor and update your Traveler Details in your Trip Dashboard so we can make smooth local travel arrangements for you.

Emergency Hotline Provided by Your Airline

For urgent changes and emergencies regarding your international flights whilst traveling, unless otherwise agreed with your travel advisor or local guide, please contact your airline directly. The Fair Voyage 24/7 Trip Assistance number will direct you to our local operations team in your destination for any emergencies related to your local trip, and may not always be able to assist you with changes to your international flights; your travel advisor and our central service team may only be able to respond within our standard Service Times. Therefore, contacting your airline directly will be the best way for you to get immediate assistance.

International Flight Cancellations and Refunds

In the unlikely event that a flight becomes unavailable or significant changes occur between reservation and ticket issuance, and we cannot find a suitable alternative flight for you, you are usually entitled to a full refund of the flight price that you have already paid to us, less our Flight Booking Fee and Offset Fee which remain non-refundable to help us cover our administrative costs.

Should you wish to cancel your flight after ticket issuance, any refunds are subject to the terms of your airline and ticket. We will issue you any refund that we are able to obtain for you from the airline, less our Flight Booking Fee, Offset Fee, Change Fee and any amounts paid for Default or SAF Offset.

Please also note our Policy on Refund Discrepancies due to Transaction Fees or Exchange Rates.

Impact of Flight Changes or Cancellations on Tour Bookings

Fair Voyage shall not be held liable for any voluntary or involuntary flight cancellations or changes or inability otherwise to take a booked flight. This also means that Fair Voyage shall not be responsible for any non-refundable amounts or additional charges resulting therefrom. When involuntary cancellations of or changes to your flights mean that you are no longer able to take part in your local Tour booked with us, we will do our best to help you make re-booking arrangements and transfer your trip to a later date, subject to our Change Fee and possible cost increases.

Add-On Service to Local Tour Bookings

Fair Voyage is specialized on local Tour Services in your destination. As such, we only offer international flight bookings as add-on service to local Tour Bookings, which shall constitute the majority of your total booked trip value.

Travel Vouchers

We are happy to issue and customize Fair Voyage travel vouchers exclusively for our clients and network. Learn more and order here.

The final voucher (Voucher) will be valid once issued, subject to our terms as stated herewith.

If you have received a Voucher, for your security and convenience, please register your Voucher ID and contact details with us by submitting our Craft My Trip form. Once registered, we will keep track of your Voucher ID(s) for you, accessible with your registered email.

Redeeming a Travel Voucher

Unless otherwise stated for a specific Voucher, all Vouchers can be redeemed for any trip bookable with Fair Voyage at the time of booking, including—in addition to the local Tour—any price components for international flights, service charges, VAT, donations, or other amounts invoiced by Fair Voyage, subject to the following terms and limitations:

  • All Vouchers are subject to our latest general Terms and Conditions as published on our website. Any additional terms specific to the Voucher apply as and if stated on the Voucher, including any limitations or exceptions to the terms stated herewith.
  • Vouchers must be redeemed within three (3) years of issuance, or by the date stated on the Voucher (Validity Period). If the Voucher owner or beneficiary cannot travel or find a suitable trip to book within the Validity Period:
    • Extension: Requests for extension on exceptional basis must be submitted by email to within the Validity Period. Any extension is subject to the Voucher owner or beneficiary having submitted an inquiry for a specific trip, and subject to written agreement by and in the sole discretion of Fair Voyage. Fair Voyage will consider each request on case by case basis, and may or may not grant an extension on exceptional basis. In each case of request and agreement to an extension, the Validity Period will be extended for maximum 1 additional year. If the Voucher owner or beneficiary still cannot travel or find a suitable trip to book within the extension period, a new request must be submitted within the previously extended Validity Period.
    • Refunds: Refunds can be issued only on request by the initial purchaser, within the Validity Period. To obtain a refund, please send your request to A service charge of the bigger of US$250 or 10% of the Voucher value applies and will be deducted from any refunds. Please also note our Policy on Refund Discrepancies due to Transaction Fees or Exchange Rates.
    • Expiry: If, within the Validity Period, a Voucher has not been redeemed and no extension agreed or refund requested, the Voucher value will be forfeited at the end of the Validity Period. Fair Voyage may, at its sole discretion, invest or donate the forfeited Voucher value for a positive impact cause of its choice.
    • Vouchers may not be applied retrospectively.
  • Any value of each unique Voucher ID can only be redeemed once. Vouchers with the same ID are deemed copies of each other, such as when you receive a Voucher electronically and in print, or Vouchers reissued when declared lost.
  • For your security, you must provide your unique Voucher ID on booking. If you have registered your Voucher with your personal contact details, we will keep track of your Voucher ID(s) for you. Vouchers that have been lost, stolen or destroyed before registering your contact details can be reissued to the initial purchaser.
  • Vouchers issued for a specific individual named on the Voucher are non-transferable. When you receive a Voucher issued in your name, you can spend it on yourself, or on your friends and family.
  • On redemption, when paying for a trip or other Service by Voucher, the same Terms and Conditions valid at the time of Booking apply to the booked services as if booked and paid for in cash, including our Change Fee and Cancellations and Refunds Policy; except:
  • Any refund associated with your Booking will be a refund back to the same original Voucher credit used for the Booking. Where payment was made in cash and Voucher(s), and the refund is less than the original payment, the refund will first be applied up the the original Voucher credit used and only any remaining portion will be refunded in cash.
  • Each Voucher can be redeemed only once for one (1) trip, for one or multiple travelers traveling together on the same trip. Multiple Vouchers can be used for the same booking. Any portion of the Voucher value not fully used at the time of Booking can be kept open as credit available for add-ons and changes until 40 days prior to the start of your Tour. For Vouchers with a value in excess of US$2,500, if the remaining unused value is greater than 10% of its total value, you may also request us until 30 days after the end of your Tour to keep the remaining balance open as credit available for a future Booking. Any remaining unused portion of the Voucher value will be forfeited 30 days after the end of your Tour.
  • Vouchers cannot be used for expenses typically incurred and paid for locally, such as food or spa treatments; unless pre-booked with your Travel Advisor at the time of Booking or until 40 days prior to the start of your Tour.
  • The value of the local Tour paid for with the Voucher has to be at least the bigger of US$5,000 or 50% of the Voucher value. Only Voucher values in excess of US$5,000, and in no case more than 50% of the total value, can be redeemed for other travel services booked or paid for as part of the same trip, such as any International Flight Bookings, except:
  • If you cannot fully redeem a Voucher value for your trip, or in its entirety within its Validity Period, you may also ask us until 30 days after the end of your Tour, or until the end of the Validity Period in case of no Bookings, to invest the unused value into Sustainable Aviation Fuel purchases or make a donation to a Fair Voyage curated climate friendly or local impact project on your behalf. A service charge of the bigger of US$250 or 10% of the Voucher value applies and will be deducted from any such investments or donations, to help us cover our administrative costs.
Quotation Currencies and Currency Conversion
  • To keep our costs as low as possible for you, our Tours are usually quoted in the same currency as used for local bookings in the country of your destination. All payments must be made in the currency stated in our quotations.
  • For any payments in a currency different from the originally quoted currency, such as payments by Voucher denominated in a different currency, or for any international flight bookings which we normally source quoted in Swiss francs, conversions will be made at the prior calendar month's average exchange rate as published on the Swiss Federal Council website plus a 2% currency conversion fee.
  • All fees are stated in our Terms and Conditions in US dollars for simplicity reasons. For Bookings in other currencies, the same amounts will be applied without conversion if the difference on conversion would be less than 20%. For example, as of May 2022, the Change Fee of US$100 will be applied as CHF 100 for Bookings quoted in Swiss francs.
Changes to Your Booking

If you would like to make changes to your confirmed booking, such as add additional services or items to your Tour, we will do our best to meet your requirements, subject to availability and feasibility. To allow us enough time to do so, please inform us at least 14 days prior to your Tour start of any desired changes. An administrative fee of US$100 (Change Fee) will be charged to process each change. For cancellations of your entire or parts of your Tour, please refer to our Cancellations and Refunds Policy. If you would like to cancel only individual services or items that were priced separately and have a total value of no more than US$100 (such as transfers, equipment rentals, or accommodation upgrades), we regret that we cannot refund such amounts as the Change Fee would exceed the value of the refund.

Changes to Your Itinerary

Your Tour itinerary was written to provide helpful information to you about your destination and activities, and to be representative of most Tours which follow the same itinerary or itinerary steps. Variations are possible at the discretion of your local guide and Operator to deliver the best possible experience to you within the constraints of your personal, group-specific, and external circumstances.

If you need to change your itinerary during your Tour (for example as might be required due to sickness, accident or personal emergencies), please note that you will need to pay us or your local Operator directly and immediately any additional costs incurred, such as for transfers, meals, or accommodation. No refunds can be made for those parts of your Tour that you will no longer be able to participate in.

Late Arrivals and Luggage Delays

When making your travel arrangements, please consider that flights or other transportation to your Tour start location might get delayed. Furthermore, it happens that luggage gets lost or displaced. Any such late arrivals may cause major problems for organized Tours. While we and your local Operator will make best efforts to help in such situations, you will need to pay us or your local Operator directly and immediately any additional costs incurred, such as for transportation or hiring of equipment.

When it is not possible to change your itinerary to accommodate late arrivals, you may not be able to participate in the Tour, and your Tour price will be forfeited. We therefore strongly recommend that you plan to arrive two to three days prior to the start of your Tour, and that you wear or carry in your hand luggage all essential items required for your Tour.

Cancellations and Refunds Policy

Unless stated differently for a Tour, the following terms and conditions apply to cancellations and/or refunds of your entire Tour or parts thereof:

  • All cancellations have to be submitted in written form, by sending an email to, stating: a) your first and last name, b) Tour start date, and c) reason for cancellation (collectively, the Cancellation Email).
  • (a): If your Cancellation Email reaches us more than 60 days prior to the start date, only your Deposit* will be forfeited.
  • (b): If your Cancellation Email reaches us 60-31 days prior to the start date, 50% of the total Tour price* will be forfeited. We will refund the refundable balance to your credit card or nominated bank account within a reasonable time period (please allow us at least 10 working days).
  • (c): If you cancel within 30 days of the start date, 100% of the total Tour price* will be forfeited.

*The Deposit and total Tour price refer to the amounts of the entire Tour or the part thereof that is subject to your cancellation. For example: IF you cancel a part of a Tour, whereby the entire Tour is priced at USD 10,000, you cancel a part of the Tour priced at USD 1,000, and you proceed with the remaining part of the Tour priced at USD 9,000, THEN the forfeited Deposit for the cancelled part of your Tour under point (a) amounts to USD 300 (30% of USD 1,000), 50% of the total Tour price that will be forfeited under point (b) amounts to USD 500, and the forfeited total Tour price under point (c) amounts to USD 1,000.

The Change Fee applies and will be deducted from any refunds.

In the unlikely event that we or one of our Operator partners cancels a Tour, you are in most cases entitled to a full refund of your Tour price that you have already paid, or we may offer you to apply those funds to another Tour. In the unlikely event of any disputes between you and your travel advisor or Operator that you cannot resolve directly, please also contact us at

For cancellations as a result of COVID-19, please refer to our Travel Insurance Policy terms and COVID-19 exceptions and clarifications.

For any international fight bookings and cancellations thereof, please refer to our International Flight Bookings terms.

Policy on Refund Discrepancies due to Transaction Fees or Exchange Rates

Please note that payment transaction fees such as credit card fees, bank fees and currency conversion fees, as well as fluctuations in currency exchange rates, may mean any amount refunded is different from the amount originally paid, particularly in instances where a currency exchange is involved. Fair Voyage has no control over any such fees or exchange rates and is unable to accept responsibility for any such discrepancies in refunded amounts.

Travel Insurance Policy

In the interest of your physical and financial safety, it is essential and mandatory for all bookings made via Fair Voyage that you and anyone included in your booking be covered by insurance before setting out on holiday.

Your travel insurance must cover:

  • Personal accident, medical expenses, loss of effects, repatriation costs and all other expenses that might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience.
    • If you are undertaking a hazardous activity or travel to less accessible areas, your insurance must also cover this particular activity and emergency evacuations for your particular destination(s).
  • Risks of travel cancellations, delays, or quarantines, including all additional or nonrefundable expenses arising from such events.
    • It is advisable and mandatory for all bookings made via Fair Voyage that you take out travel cancellation insurance as soon as your booking is confirmed or you make any payments for your trip (including flights or other payments that you may not be making to us) to cover your nonrefundable costs in case of cancellations or changes to your trip.
    • IMPORTANT: Verify that your insurance policy also covers known risks related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Always read your insurance terms and conditions carefully, to ensure that your particular event will be covered. If in doubt, verify coverage for the particularities of your trip and possible events with your insurance company.

Insurance included with credit cards is normally not sufficient for trips booked with Fair Voyage, due to limits on the maximum on insured amount, exception of potentially hazardous activities, exclusion of known risks related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and other customary limitations.

For your safety, all travelers booked with Fair Voyage must provide a copy of your insurance policy and emergency contact details before starting your trip, and you must carry your insurance details with you at all times during your trip.

By booking a Tour with Fair Voyage, you warrant that you have or will immediately take out adequate insurance coverage. Fair Voyage cannot accept any responsibility for financial loss or costs incurred by you that are outside of our control.

COVID-19 Exceptions and Clarifications

If you cannot travel as a result of new legally imposed quarantines, travel restrictions or flight cancellations resulting from COVID-19, and there was no travel insurance available for residents of your country and/or destination that you could have taken out to cover such risks, you will usually have the option to transfer your trip to a later date free of charge (subject to possible cost increase), or get a travel credit for another trip booked with us in future, or a full refund should we no longer be able to operate the trip for you.

These conditions vary depending on all local suppliers involved in operating your trip and are still subject to change. If you would like to proceed with a booking, please contact us and we will advise you the specific conditions applicable for this trip at your time of booking.

If you cannot travel as a result of you or someone traveling with you being tested positive for COVID-19, or due to legally required self-quarantine because you have been in contact with someone who tested positive, such events must be covered by your travel insurance. Our standard Cancellations and Refunds Policy and Travel Insurance Policy apply.

Operating Hours and Service Times

Fair Voyage strives to provide the best travel advice and service for conscious travelers from around the world when traveling to one for our destinations.

Whilst our central team is based in Zurich, Switzerland, our travel advisors and local experts are an internationally leading team of destination and experience experts based globally and in our destinations around the world. Therefore, we do not operate according to fixed office hours, but have designed our client service in a way that we can give you direct access to your best expert travel advisor for your trip, no matter where they are based.

We aim to respond to new inquiries and client messages within 48 hours, and are happy to provide travel advice for clients by phone or face-to-face meeting on appointment basis (our Service Times). Whilst traveling, all clients have access to a 24/7 emergency phone number for immediate local trip assistance.

At the moment, we do not provide immediate assistance for general inquiries. Please leave us a voice message or email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Agents and Ambassador Service Fees

We are happy to partner with agents and ambassadors, and provide you with unlimited quotations and tailored itineraries for your clients and network. To help us cover our administrative costs, we charge a service fee of $100 per quotation (Quotation Fee) for your pre-defined itinerary, or $250 per itinerary and quotation (Itinerary Fee) for tailored itineraries and custom quotes provided by us according to your travel wishes; inclusive of changes and adjustments that you ask us to make to ensure that our Services fully meet your requirements.

Both the Quotation Fee and Itinerary Fee are fully creditable for up to three years against all future trip bookings made by you, your clients or your referrals; notwithstanding whether the booking is made for the trip initially quoted or another trip; whereby multiple pre-paid fees can be credited against a single booking for up to 10% of each trip price. At your choice, instead of crediting the fee against a trip price, you may also request us to refund the fee to your account upon a trip booking made by your clients or referrals.

Accuracy of Information

On and our other channels, we aim to publish accurate, up-to-date information regarding our travel services, destinations and Tours. This information is bound to change frequently and will not always be updated as quickly as we would like. We therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. You should make your own independent inquiries and use your own judgment to assess the accuracy of any information accessed through

Fair Voyage accepts no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions of any information on our website(s). This also means that we accept no responsibility for any complaints as to any part of your Tour not being as described on However, we will make every effort to correct quickly any errors brought to our attention.

Limitation of Liability

The responsibility of Fair Voyage AG as well as its employees, agents and representatives is strictly limited.

While we and our Operator partners will do our best to deliver a satisfactory Tour experience, ensure your personal safety as well as the safety of your belongings, as well as take necessary precautions in case of emergencies, unfortunate incidents are always a possibility and often beyond our control. We, including your local Operator and their staff, shall not be held liable to you for:

  • any accident, injury, or illness that may occur to you;
  • any loss, delay or damage to your luggage, equipment or personal belongings; any services booked by you with other service providers (such as insurance companies, rescue services, flights, etc.);
  • any services provided by other service providers which are beyond our control, including but not limited to: accommodation service providers, transportation service providers; authorities in charge of managing national parks, conservancies or other separately managed destinations (for example: rescue services and transportation; provision of campsites or other accommodation facilities, picnic sites, toilet facilities; services of park rangers or other personnel employed by such authorities, etc.);
  • any claims for compensation arising due to loss or damage caused by you to other persons, other person’s property, or property of an Operator during the Tour; any breach of obligations resulting from causes beyond their reasonable control including fire, natural disaster, civil strife, industrial dispute, strikes of employees, adverse weather conditions, traffic and any other events of force majeure that are outside of their control.

We do not warrant or represent that any Tour is suitable or fit for your purpose. You should not undertake any Tour unless you are medically able and properly trained.

Many of our Tours involve travel to isolated regions; strenuous and potentially hazardous activities (including, but not limited to, any activities in high altitudes, climbing and mountaineering, bicycle riding, or scuba diving); potentially hazardous traffic and means of transportation (including, but not limited to, roads with higher risk of accidents due to irresponsible traffic participants, or small charter planes) and potential exposure to wildlife. Therefore, these Tours may involve a significant amount of personal risk, including by way of example, personal accident, injury, disease, death, loss or damage of property, inconvenience, and discomfort. There may be no or limited access to emergency medical treatment or timely evacuation.

Furthermore, you know that many Tours require special equipment to protect your health and safety. Local Operators may or may not rent such equipment, which may or may not be suitable. You certify that you are familiar with the specific types of equipment and their requirements to undertake the Tour, and will make your own arrangements to have the necessary suitable equipment available during your Tour.

By booking a Tour with Fair Voyage, you agree, warrant and covenant that:

  • You assume all risks associated with your Tour as well as the effect of weather, traffic, and force majeure;
  • You will not hold Fair Voyage and its employees, agents, representatives, or Operator partners liable for any accident, injury, illness, death, costs, property damage, theft or personal loss; and
  • You release and discharge Fair Voyage, its representatives, agents, employees, and Operator partners from any and all claims suffered by you as a result of your participation in or traveling to or from any Tour.

Insofar as Fair Voyage is unable by law or by statute to exclude its liability, then you agree that our liability to you is limited to Fair Voyage providing the Tour (or a similar Tour) again to you.

Tour T&C

Please note that it is your responsibility to also read the Tour T&C and all the requirements applicable to your Tour carefully before making your booking and any payments. Should you not be able to locate the Tour T&C on the Tour page or have received them by email, please contact us. If you are not able to participate in a Tour because you do not meet the requirements (including, but not limited to, lack of: travel documents or visa, medical suitability, adequate proof of insurance, certificates or licenses, willingness to sign a liability waiver form), we regret that we cannot refund the Deposit or other full or partial Tour price payment made to us.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the Tour T&C, or if no further Tour T&C are explicitly confirmed to apply to your Tour, please note that the following applies to all Tours and Operators:


Accommodation is subject to availability at your time of booking and for your entire group. If not available, we may change your accommodation different from the one included in your itinerary or Booking Confirmation.

Price Increases

All price quotations are based on the current rates of park fees, VAT and other government taxes. Should any of these be increased or a new tax introduced (which is outside of our control or the control of any Operator), we regret that such increases will be added on to your final Tour price even if the trip has already been paid for. The final Tour price may thus be higher than the price confirmed in your Booking Confirmation, and you will need to pay the difference in order to participate in your Tour. Therefore, we strongly advise that you confirm with your insurance provider that your travel insurance will cover and protect you against such an unfortunate event.

Identity, Authority and Privacy

When you make an inquiry or register an account, you must use your real name and contact details. The use of pseudonyms is not permitted on Fair Voyage. If you register a company or other legal entity, you warrant and assure us that you have proper authorization to act in the name of the company or legal entity, respectively.

Fair Voyage will not accept bookings from persons less than 18 years of age. By making a booking request, you warrant and assure Fair Voyage that you are at least 18 years of age.

During the booking process, you will be required to provide personal information through our system, which we will share with our local Operator partners to enable them to provide the services requested by you. Depending on the nature of your Tour, you may also be required to provide a photo ID or passport to help us secure permits or make other booking arrangements for you. In exceptional cases, we may also request your photo ID to comply with anti-fraud or other compliance checks occasionally performed by our financial service providers. We do our utmost to protect your personal information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.

During your Tour, you must carry your photo ID or passport with you at all times, unless otherwise advised by your travel advisor or guide. You may need to show your photo ID locally at the start of your Tour to ensure that your identity matches your booking identity as well as throughout your Tour when checking in to accommodations, at entrance gates, for certain activities, in case of police check or otherwise. Your identity details must match the information that you have provided to us during your booking and in your personal trip account on The same applies to any other individuals included in your booking.

No Entitlement

There is no entitlement to use We withhold the right to delete accounts or information provided by you, including, but not limited to, if we deem you to have violated these Terms and Conditions, and to cease providing services to you at any point in time.


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is so broad as to be unenforceable, such provision will be interpreted to be only so broad as is enforceable. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision hereof will in no way affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision.

Contract Parties & Successors

These Terms and Conditions will inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties and their respective heirs, legal and personal representatives, executors, estate trustees, successors and assigns.

Legal Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the canton of Zurich, Switzerland.


Fair Voyage reserves the right to update or alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any amendment will be included here with immediate effect. You agree to be legally bound by the most up-to-date version available here or, for Bookings, the version available at your time of Booking.


If you have questions in regards to these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at

Last updated: 20 May 2022

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