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Our carbon offset implementation schedule

In 2019, we conducted extensive research to identify the most accurate and reliable approach to calculate and offset the carbon and greenhouse gas footprint of our trips.

In 2020, we partnered with Compensaid, at the time a Lufthansa Innovation Hub startup powered by MyClimate, to calculate and offset the price of our trips. We tested their API and developed our calculation methods. See our carbon calculator for illustration purposes as well as:

Due to the prolonged impact of COVID-19 for our destinations, we decided to postpone the final technical & fully automated implementation for each of our trips in order to free up resources for more urgent sustainability priorities in the near-term.

Since 2021, we calculate and offset the footprint of our trips following our periodic footprint calculation and offset approach.

By 2023, we plan to fully automate our implementation, so that the impact is calculated and displayed to travelers directly and individually for each trip. We may still aggregate and make offset payments “manually” on a regular basis.

By 2024, we plan to fully automate also our offset payments for each trip, and generate a payment certificate for each traveler transparently in their dashboard in a fully automated way, for individual proof of payment.

Furthermore, we plan to enable and “nudge” travelers to easily offset also the footprint of their flights and invest in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (even when not booked through us) when booking a trip with us.