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Fair Porter Treatment
When you successfully climb Kilimanjaro, you are in a very real sense, on top of the world. Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest peak and is often described as the Rooftop of Africa. It is also the world’s highest free-standing mountain. The views are simply breathtaking and that is one of many reasons why this powerful mountain...
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If you are lucky enough to go on a trip to Africa, be prepared to have the adventure of a lifetime. There are no shortages of breathtaking landscapes, wildlife safaris and formidable mountains to climb and explore. But sometimes those adventures come with a high price tag and local communities and environments get depleted or...
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 By Alexandra Pastollnigg, Founder Fair Voyage Digitalization has changed the way we travel. It enables us to book our trips online directly with locals. By cutting out the middlemen, we reduce costs and make sure that our money goes to local people. To me, that made a lot of sense. Three years ago, I...
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Are you about to book your trip to climb Kilimanjaro and wonder what you should look out for in your tour operator? Or are you already about to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and wonder what you could do to climb responsibly? There are a few things to watch out for. Fair porter treatment is...
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