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Kilimanjaro Climber Paige Dobkin Shares Her Experience With Hyponatremia, a Potentially Deadly Condition. “I don’t think people really realize that, how important salt really is.”  Marathon runner and personal trainer Paige Dobkin climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with Fair Voyage in July 2019 and suffered from severe hyponatremia, a potentially deadly condition, during her climb. In...
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Interview with Ivan Braun, founder of former Kilimanjaro Search and Rescue (KSAR) on staying safe while climbing Kili: “The worst thing you can do, is being dishonest when asked: “How are you?”” Alexandra Pastollnigg, Fair Voyage founder, interviewed Ivan Braun, the Founder of former Kilimanjaro Search & Rescue (KSAR), in November 2019. KSAR was the...
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kilimanjaro tour
A Kilimanjaro tour is like no other. The spectacular views combined with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve successfully completed a challenge that very few are fortunate enough to take on is indescribable. There is literally no other feeling like it in the world. But the first challenge associated with climbing Kilimanjaro is choosing the right...
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You might be planning your trip to climb Africa’s tallest mountain, but in the process of choosing a tour operator, you became aware of the importance of fair porter treatment and responsible travel practices. That’s a legitimate concern as, historically, porters of all mountain areas may not have good working conditions. Of the more than...
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routes on kilimanjaro
One of the challenges associated with climbing Kilimanjaro is finding the best Kilimanjaro tour operators to book your trip with. A quick Google search will bring up dozens of blogs about the best offers, operators, routes to take and what to bring with you. However, Kilimanjaro tour operators do not always agree on the ideal approach...
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authentic hiking route on Kilimanjaro
Being a responsible traveller means a lot of things: from preserving natural environments, respecting foreign cultures and human rights, to protecting one’s own health and safety as traveller. When practiced with an open mind, we at Fair Voyage believe that travelling is not only a way of self education and enjoyment, but also an irreplaceable factor...
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