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Together We Can!

Would you like to support our mission as an Ambassador, help your friends and network save money, and get rewarded for your support?

Yay! We would love that too and have tried to make it as easy as possible for you. Here is how it works:

  • Simply ask your friends and network to mention your name when they inquire to travel with us.
  • Optionally, send us their names by email to, so we can help you track your referrals and give them our priority attention.
  • When your referrals book a trip with us:



  • Your referrals benefit from a discount of USD 50 up to USD 1,000 when booking their first trip with Fair Voyage.* Alternatively, they can use the same amount to support their preferred impact cause.



  • You receive an equal Ambassador reward credit of USD 50 up to USD 1,000 each time your referrals book a trip with us.*
  • You choose how you’d like to benefit from your reward:



  • Get paid to your bank account in cash**, or:
  • Earn an additional 50% when you keep your reward in your Fair Voyage account and use it as credit for your next booking. Thereby, you can benefit from a reward of USD 75 up to USD 1,500 per referral! Or:
  • Donate your rewards to your preferred impact cause:
* Dependent on booking size; subject to minimum trip price and other terms; see our Ambassador Rewards Schedule.
** Subject to cross-border and currency conversion transaction fees; see cash payment details


How to get started: 

To get started as Ambassador, all you need to do is invite your friends and network to support our mission by traveling with Fair Voyage and ask them to mention your name when they inquire to travel with us.

Fair Voyage Travelers and approved Partners automatically have access to the Ambassador dashboard when logged in to your account, so you can easily track your referrals and manage your rewards.

No account yet? Email to let us know about your referrals and apply for an Ambassador account.


Why we offer this program: 

We prefer to grow through personal recommendations and partners who share our values, and to reward our ambassadors fairly, instead of paying advertising fees.

When you refer travelers to us, we benefit from lower marketing costs and are thrilled that we could reward you and your friends—our biggest ambassadors, or support another good cause on your behalf.



All you need to know:


Ambassador Rewards Schedule

Travelers and Ambassadors each benefit from a saving or reward credit under our Ambassador program dependent on the booking size, as per our Ambassador Rewards Schedule (in USD):

   For bookings** with a price from:Traveler savings and Ambassador award credit, each:Possible credit if opting to earn additional 50%:

We may update this schedule from time to time depending on our future development, to pass on even more savings to you or to ensure that we can continue to operate sustainably. The latest schedule published here at the time of booking a trip will apply for each booking.

For example:

The below examples illustrate the calculation of the savings and awards for common trip booking scenarios:

Example 1—family trip

A Traveler referred by an Ambassador travels with her spouse, sister and mother. The couple goes on a longer trip worth $14,000 for both; the sister and mother join them for a part of the trip which is worth $7,000 in total (or $3,500 per person); the total trip is priced at $21,000 ($14,000 plus $7,000):

  • If the couple and sister with mother book and pay separately, the couple and Ambassador each are entitled to a saving/reward of $250, while the sister with mother and Ambassador each are entitled to a saving/reward of $100. If the sister and mother book and pay separately, the the sister and mother each are entitled to a saving/reward of $50, and the Ambassador to two times these amounts.
  • If the lead Traveler books and pays for the entire trip, the group and Ambassador each are entitled to a saving/reward of $500.

Example 2—group trip

As Ambassador, you refer a group of 10 Travelers such as colleagues, a sports club, or your clients from a coaching seminar. The group books a Kilimanjaro climb with a price of $3,000 per person or $30,000 in total. In addition, 4 Travelers from the group add a safari worth $5,000 per Traveler or $20,000 in total, so the total booking amount is $50,000.

  • If each of the Travelers books and pays separately, each of the Travelers booking the Kilimanjaro climb only and the Ambassador for each of the Travelers booking are entitled to a saving/reward of $50, while each of the Travelers booking the Kilimanjaro climb with safari and the Ambassador for each of the Travelers also booking the safari are entitled to a saving/reward of $100 (for the Kilimanjaro and safari priced $8,000—$3,000 plus $5,000).
  • If the group books together in one lump sum payment, the group and Ambassador each are entitled to a saving/reward of $1,000.

In both examples, the saving/reward is bigger when the group books and pays together in one lump sum, compared to the sum of savings/rewards when Travelers book and pay separately. That's because the group booking and payment through one lead Traveler helps us reduce our administrative costs and, thus, we are able to pass on more savings to you.

* No savings or rewards for bookings below US$2,000 (Minimum Price) to help us make our Ambassador Program meaningful for all parties concerned, given that we are keeping our margins low to ensure fair prices for Travelers and local suppliers, and administrative fees would outweigh the costs of operating our Ambassador program for smaller bookings, as well as because we aim to promote quality trips with high sustainability standards which are typically also priced above the Minimum Price.

** Refers to the value of local Tour bookings; excluding any international flights, donations, or other services which Fair Voyage provides at cost, as payment agent only, or is otherwise not able to generate a fair income from; excluding bookings partially or fully paid for with a Voucher, all of which are exempt from our Ambassador Program.

When do I earn a reward?

Ambassadors earn a reward according to our Ambassador Rewards Schedule each time Travelers first referred by them book and travel with Fair Voyage.

You can track your rewards from your Ambassador dashboard once your referrals have made a booking. To prevent the risk of cancellations or changes to bookings prior to traveling that affect the final price, your reward is deemed earned and you can make use of it as soon as your referrals have completed a trip.

Rewards for the same Traveler can only be earned by one Ambassador, whereby we use the "first come first serve" principle:

  • If you are the first Ambassador to refer a specific Traveler booking a trip with Fair Voyage to us, you remain the Ambassador for that Traveler and continue to earn rewards also for future bookings of that same Traveler.
  • If another Ambassador has already referred the same Traveler to us prior to your referral, we regret that we cannot reward you for this specific referral because paying duplicate rewards means the Ambassador program would not be financially sustainable for us.

So be the first to spread the word and help us evangelize our mission whilst we're still growing fast and opportunities are plentiful!

Do I also earn rewards when my referrals book more trips in future?

As a value-driven organization, we respect the relationships you have with your friends and network, and we understand how valuable they are to you, just as we also expect our business partners to respect our relationships because we also highly value our Travelers and are forever grateful when they book trips with us and thereby support our mission.

Therefore, we want to give you credit and will reward you for your referrals also when they book more trips with us in future, forever, because we owe those bookings to you and we hope you will continue to support our mission and remain part of our growth story—only together we can. Be the first to spread the word and help us evangelize our mission whilst we're still growing fast and opportunities are plentiful!

As we need to make some exceptions for practical reasons, please also see who qualifies as referral for lifelong rewards and when do I earn a reward.

Who qualifies as referral for lifelong rewards?

For the first booking per referral, you earn rewards for the entire trip price including all travelers joining your referral on the trip.

For future bookings, only the individuals who booked and paid for their first trip with us qualify as referral, because we only open dedicated accounts for travelers when they make a payment. This means:

  • If your referral acts as lead Traveler and makes the payment on behalf of the group, only the lead Traveler qualifies as your referral for the purpose of future bookings.
  • If individuals traveling with your referral on their first trip pay for their booking separately, we also keep track of your Ambassador relationship for these individuals as your referrals for the purpose of future bookings.

Companies, organizations and clubs generally do not qualify as referral under the Ambassador program, as a dedicated arrangement—tailored for the specific nature of such entity/group and your relationship with them—usually works best. We welcome your proposals by email to


How can I use my rewards?

OPTION 1: How do I receive my cash payment?

OPTION 2: How can I donate my reward for a good cause?

OPTION 3: How can I use my reward for my next booking and earn an additional 50%?

How much time do I have to use my rewards?


How do my friends and network get the discount?

Can my friend or network benefit from multiple discounts?

Can my friends and network also use the discount to support their preferred impact cause?

Can I also refer myself and use the discount for my own booking?


Create impact by raising awareness

Optionally, donate your reward points

Optionally, donate your discount to your preferred impact cause

Make it easy for your network to travel more sustainably

Help create more sustainable role models for scaling impact

How does this create a win-win-win solution?

More questions? We would love to hear from you! Please email

Together We Can!

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