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Fair Voyage is a B Corp certified purpose-driven social enterprise with the mission to help transform travel into a force for good and create holistic positive impact through travel. Our sustainability mission is fundamentally ingrained in our company legal documents and shareholders agreement:

The Shareholders acknowledge their common intent to procure, and to generally co-operate with each other so as to ensure, that the Company will be managed and operated with a view to (i) maximizing its value for the Shareholders and ultimately achieving an exit for the Shareholders from their investment in the Company, as well as at the same time (ii) having a material positive impact on society and the environment, taken as a whole, through its business and operations, in line with the “B Corp” certification requirements (available under requirements). In the decision process, the board of directors of the Company (the “Board”) and the Management shall take into account, and the Shareholders which nominate and elect the members of the Board who then elect the officers shall procure that the respective persons take into account, the short- and long-term interests of the Company, its subsidiaries and their suppliers, and the objective of the Company to create a positive material impact on society and the environment as well as the impact of their actions towards the relevant stakeholders, amongst others: (i) their employees and their workforce, (ii) their customers, (iii) the regions and communities in which they are active and (v) the environment (the “Stakeholder Interest”).


Download our B Corp Certification or visit the B Lab Global website to learn more about the B Corp independent governance and impact assessment, and to verify our certification.  

For more information about our shareholders and corporate governance, download our press release of March 9, 2020:

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