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Travel Advisor & DMC Application

Are you a travel advisor, DMC or local experience operator committed to sustainability and would like to partner with with Fair Voyage to offer local expert travel advice and responsible travel experiences?

Please review our sustainability criteria as well as our Terms & Conditions and Terms of Business. If you meet our criteria, we would love to work with you!

Start by creating an account here. You will then receive an email with login details and next steps to complete your partner application.

If you already have a partner account, log in to complete your application or – for existing partners – to start promoting your Tours.

Having problems? Please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). In 99% of cases, you will find the answer you need instantly in our FAQs.



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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    LOGIN: I tried to create an account, but didn't get an email with login details

    When you create an account, you should receive an email with login details. Please also check your Promotions and Spam folders.

    If you cannot find the email, but your registration was successful, simply get a new password link.

    If your registration wasn't successful, try again to create an account.


    LOGIN: I received an email with login details, but I cannot log in

    Before you can log in to your account, you need to verify your email address. Find an email titled "IMPORTANT: Confirm Your Email" in your inbox and click on the activation link. Please also check your Spam and Promotions folders. If you cannot locate the email, please email so that we can help verify your address.

    LOGIN: My password doesn't work, or I don't know my password

    If your password doesn't work, or you cannot locate the email with your first login password, or you have forgotten your password, simply get a new password link.

    LOGIN: My password reset link isn't working

    If your password reset link doesn't work, it means that you have received a new password reset link. Sometimes, our system gets confused and sends you two password links within few seconds. Most email accounts aggregate those emails, so it looks like one email to you. We apologize for your inconvenience.

    Please kindly check your emails again and use the latest link:

    PRICING: How much does it cost to use your system?

    Approved Operators can use our system and promote Tours free of charge. Only when you confirm a booking, we charge an agreed Commission as a percentage of the total package Tour price. See below:

    PRICING: What is your Commission?

    Being fair and sustainable means that both you and we earn a fair compensation for our respective services.

    Fair Voyage follows a strict best price policy to help us prevent circumvention and fund our costs for operating this platform for you. As different markets have different pricing conventions, we cannot determine a fixed percentage for all our business partners, but will assess it based on your local market realities.

    You might be used to promoting your Tours through other platforms and determining a fixed Commission schedule for all your distribution partners. In that case, we simply ask you to work with us on similar commercial terms.

    When registering for an account at Fair Voyage, we ask you for a fair Commission proposal. We will compare your proposal with other applications from your region to assess a fair Commission across business partners.

    We may either accept your proposal or counter-propose a different Commission percentage. We will mutually agree your Commission as part of your application review process.

    PRICING: How do I get paid for bookings?

    We handle Client payments for you. When you confirm a booking, we invoice the Client as set out in our Terms and Conditions. When we receive payments on your behalf, we pay you as set out in our Terms of Business. We intend to pay out deposits as soon as received from the Client and balance payments within 30 days of departure, once payments are non-refundable to the Client.

    BENEFITS: Why partner with Fair Voyage?

    Fair Voyage provides you a global distribution platform that is exclusive to verified sustainable suppliers. This creates a level playing field for you to promote your sustainable travel offers to global consumers on price-competitive terms and with transparency of your sustainability offering.

    Approved Operators may use the Fair Voyage Curated logo on your website and for your marketing purposes as long as you continue to meet our sustainability criteria:

    Fair Voyage Curated Logo — Strictly For Approved Partners OnlyLog in to your dashboard to download.

    By collaborating with Fair Voyage, a social enterprise with a social and environmental sustainability mission as part of our company documents, you are also supporting our shared sustainable travel mission.

    BENEFITS: What can I do with my Fair Voyage account?

    We want to make it easy for you as Operator to manage your multi-day itineraries, quotations, bookings and payments.

    That's why we have developed a bespoke itinerary builder and packaging solution, as well as of course a complete tour booking management system.

    Using our bespoke itinerary builder and package solution, you can easily build beautiful itineraries and quickly create new tour packages.

    When you receive a Client inquiry, you can directly communicate with the Client and easily create and send custom quotes.

    For Bookings, we help you keep track of payments, automatically generate invoices and make it easy for Clients to share their personal and trip-specific details with you.

    If required, you can easily make changes to existing Bookings and our system takes care of payment adjustments.

    And all of this is just the beginning. We keep developing our system and quickly act on your suggestions for improvement to make promoting and selling your multi-day travel packages and customized itineraries ever easier for you.

    BENEFITS: Can I also use my content on Fair Voyage elsewhere?

    Soon, you will be able to also use your content on Fair Voyage to promote your Tours elsewhere. We are currently planning to build the following capabilities for you:

    • Tour brochures: Download beautiful brochures of your Tours with your own logo, so that you can use your content on Fair Voyage to also promote your Tours to your direct clients or other business partners
    • Content API/widget: Display your offering directly on your website using an easy to install widget or our new developer API

    Our goal is to become the central tour content and booking management system for verified sustainable tour operators, so that you only need to use one system to promote and sell your offering across the entire travel eco-system.

    To help you increase your global distribution reach, we are currently investigating connectivity options with other booking systems and online travel agencies. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon 🤞