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A True Account Of What It's Like To Climb Kilimanjaro With Everything You Need To Know - From Planning To Climbing

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425 pages of everything you need to know to climb Kilimanjaro, written by someone who has done it herself – FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME.

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Read what it’s like to climb Kilimanjaro off-the-beaten-track by Alexandra, founder of Fair Voyage, who climbed and as a result experienced a life-changing transformation. 

Everything you need to know from when to go, how to get there, who to go with, how to stay safe, and what it takes to summit, this book is the best preparation you can possibly have for climbing Kilimanjaro. 

What Readers & Climbers Say

  • Enjoyable Read This book was very entertaining as a hiker who was considering Kilimanjaro. It helped me decide that this hike... read more


    A Must Read I couldn’t put down the book. I felt like I was with the group hiking/climbing breathless, my brain hungering... read more


    A comprehensive and compelling guide to hiking Kilimanjaro via the Northern Circuit Alex has done a great job summarizing the complete experience of hiking Kilimanjaro, from preparation to after thoughts. It's well... read more

    Jeff A.
  • Cold + Altitude Very interesting story telling, which suited me nicely. I am now wondering if I should bring more things as... read more

    Sheldon C.

    This book is perfect. She answers every question I thought of and ... This book is perfect. She answers every question I thought of and didn’t think of. It’s a great resource fir... read more

    Ann B.

    Very good read for those planning a Kilimanjaro trek...or those simply attracted to an interesting story. This book is a very good account of a first-time Kilimanjaro climber's experience with planning and carrying out a successful... read more

    David M.
  • Entertaining and real What amazed me is the level of detail the author used to prepare for her trip to Kili - this... read more

    Patrick P.

    Simply good stuff. First I am not such an extreme sportfan or adventure freak. But when I accidentially got to this book I... read more

    Amazon C.

    This book addresses pretty much everything and anything you could possibly think of ... I do not even know where to begin! This book addresses pretty much everything and anything you could possibly think... read more

    Amazon C.
  • Makes me want to go back to Kili! Really well written. I've been to the top of Kili and the story took me right back to all... read more

    Penny L.


It started with a simple idea – to provide a review of a little-known hiking route as well as helpful preparatory information that she found lacking in other Kilimanjaro literature. It ended with an extraordinary story of a truly life-changing experience – written in real time while the author was unaware of being the subject of transformation.

For a limited time, get your free copy of Kilimanjaro Uncovered: An Alternative Path to Bliss.

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Alex is our Founder, Visionary and Strategist. She writes about ethical & sustainable travel and conscious leadership. As Kilimanjaro expert, Alex is also personally in charge of all our Kilimanjaro content.