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SDG 3 Example: Tanzania Journeys

Making local contributions can have a large impact. This is how our local partner Tanzania Journeys contributes to reaching SDG 3 “Healthy Lives and Wellbeing at All Ages” through sustainable tourism.

In Tanzania, the government will only provide health facilities to a community if they build a clinic themselves and provide housing for the doctors and nurses. Once this is in place, the government will send staff and medicines. If there is no facility in a village, it means that people have to travel for kilometres to access medical services.

Our local partner Tanzania Journeys, together with local agents, helped to put a doctor’s facility in place and funded a water pipeline to a local clinic. They funded it by making a donation for every client who went on a safari with them for a couple of years.

Other important initiatives tourism business can take are supporting health prevention programs (f.e. HIV/Aids awareness training) as well as health and disasters awareness and donations. They can take action to prevent and halt sex tourism. Lastly, they can also aim to guarantee their customer’s security and health through prevention campaigns and health facilities.