Why Work With Fair Voyage

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Unleash your creative superpower, work with inspiring people and, together, we will change the world. Are you ready?


Unleash your creative superpower, work with inspiring people and, together, we will change the world. Are you ready?


Make a positive impact 

Join a mission-driven company with a massively transformative purpose: To transform the way we travel into an exponential force for good—for personal growth, global sustainability and lasting world peace. At Fair Voyage, every team member makes a clearly defined and direct contribution towards our purpose. Know your “why”: engage in deeply meaningful work, and—together—we will change the world.

“I want to make a great contribution to our mission. Whenever one of us has an idea, we add it to our online project management tool, and we discuss our ideas on a regular basis. That way, I feel that I can make a tangible contribution and I know that I am a valuable part of the team. After all, ideas are the fuel of a company!”

Valentina Vaccaro
Relationship Manager


Get trained as conscious leader 

We aspire to be and build a team of conscious leaders, individuals who understand that the power to lead change is within each and every one of us. As conscious leaders, our most important role is to empower more conscious leaders—to support you with your personal growth journey, in being a role model, and giving you a platform to share your experience with the world.

“Just as the best graduates join Google to become online tech innovators, or McKinsey to become a top-class management consultant, I want Fair Voyage to become that best-in-cass real life academy for conscious leadership.”

Alexandra Pastollnigg
Founder Fair Voyage


We invest in your personal growth 

We invest in your personal growth and empower you to realize your personal goals, both on and off work. Through our founder’s training with the Flow Research Collective, online book library, and MindValley for Business membership, you benefit from world-class coaching, training resources and personal growth programs.

As a mission-driven company, we also benefit from a dynamic network of senior advisors and mentors, including from leading technology and travel companies. We tap into our personal networks to find best-in-class expert mentors for you, from your field of expertise—be it design or software development, marketing or sales, sustainability or product development.

Therefore, even though we cannot compete with a large organization in terms of in-house resources, we can offer you something much better: Best-in-class mentors from across leading organizations, across industries, globally!

“I never thought I could learn that much in my six-month internship! Perhaps most importantly, working with Fair Voyage helped me explore my personal strengths and learn more about myself. I’ve benefited from my internship so much that I’ve decided to make time even whilst back full-time at university so that I can continue to be part of the Fair Voyage mission.”

Jeanne M. Schürmann
Sustainable Travel Support Manager


Team up with A players just like you 

When you join Fair Voyage, you no longer need to choose between impact and business, whether to follow the path of consciousness expansion or peak performance, whether to do good or excel in a business career. We are a team of high performers, who practice self-leadership to maximize our personal productivities—both at work and off work.

“I’ve always been a peak performer, but I struggled finding a workplace that allows me to work and live 100% in integrity with my personal values. Why can’t we have both? At Fair Voyage, based on our core values—merging Sustainability and Collaboration with Leadership and Excellence—we are creating a unique workplace for conscious peak performers.”

Alexandra Pastollnigg
Founder Fair Voyage


Join a mindful work culture and work less to get more out of work and life

We limit our work week to 35 hours and support part-time work because we understand that we are most productive when we also have recovery time off work that we can invest in our physical and mental health, building meaningful relationships with family and friends, and to pursue our personal interests. We have flexible working hours, so that each team member can work when we feel our best and align our work hours optimally with our off-work priorities.

“As a young mother, I want to be a role model for my children, to have time for them but also have a career and keep growing as a person. At Fair Voyage, I really appreciate the opportunity to work-part time and feel highly productive at work, whilst also spending lots of quality time with my family off work.”

Valentina Vaccaro
Relationship Manager


Have full freedom to work from anywhere

As a global network organization that embraces diversity and the power of technology, we want to work with the best people globally, no matter where you are based; no matter your ethnicity, family situation or needs as a caregiver. Our team members and advisors already represent over ten different nationalities, based all around the world—from Switzerland to South Africa, from the Americas to Pakistan. We encourage working from home to minimize our footprint, eliminate friction caused by commuting, and free up time for what really matters.

“Even though I haven’t met the team yet in person, I feel 100% part of Fair Voyage. I like the way we communicate efficiently and transparently via online collaboration tools. During our face-to-face team coaching calls, we speak very openly and learn a lot about each other, our challenges and strengths, and I’ve also learnt a lot about myself along the way.”

Osama Muhammad
Software Engineer


Get the opportunity to go on exciting trips  

We meet annually on team offsites in Europe or an exciting destination around the world – fingers crossed for our first global team meeting in 2021! Depending on your role and personal growth goals, you may also get the opportunity to travel to conferences and participate with exciting field trips to one of our current or upcoming destinations.

“Before joining Fair Voyage, I never thought I would experience far away countries. I was mesmerized after my first trip to the Kenyan travel conference and going on an authentic wildlife safari. I enjoyed learning about the local culture and meeting local changemakers. As a young mother, going on such an exciting trip for work is also a real treat for myself!“

Valentina Vaccaro
Relationship Manager


Get access to our exclusive global network

We are on a mission to serve the world’s impact leaders and changemakers as our clients, partners and suppliers. As a network organization, we have contacts with local changemakers in almost any country globally. Through our founder and advisors, we benefit from a global network with senior business and impact leaders and like-minded organizations. No matter your role and where you want to focus on in your personal growth and impact journey, we can most likely open important doors for you.