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SDG 9 Example: Tiger Mountain Nepal

Our local partner, Tiger Mountain Nepal, shows how a tourism business can realise SDG 9: foster innovation and build quality infrastructure that benefits and empowers both the public and their business.

One of their initiatives was to provide a secure supply of safe water. Before they came in, water had to be brought up to the mountaintop all the way from the valley (300 meters or 1.000 ft lower). They tapped into the natural water supply by buying a spring and a well on the river bank. Local engineers created and built a pump system and provided the infrastructure for villagers to access the water too.

Furthermore, they also collect rainwater and shower waste that’s recycled for gardening, landscaping and construction. All other basic infrastructural needs like electricity, waste and sewage, are a hybrid combination of as much renewable, recyclable and sustainable options as feasible in combination with conventional techniques. For example, they have a mix of solar and wind energy that is supplemented with a generator. The surplus generated energy is stored in batteries.