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SDG 7 Example: Nature Discovery

Tourism is an energy-intensive sector that can really push the shift towards sustainable and renewable energy sources for all – in line with SDG 7. Our local partner Nature Discovery in Tanzania is a leading example in this field.

They asked the help of Carbon Tanzania to calculate the environmental impact of each of their trips and they invest in local reforestation and community projects by offsetting their carbon impact locally. They also switched, for example, from regular to sustainable charcoal that’s made from discarded coconut husks. To make sure these implementations are supported by staff and the involved communities, they organise training in sustainability practices. These practices help realise SDG 7’s full potential to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Besides reducing greenhouse gasses, tourism business can help mitigate climate change by promoting investments in clean energy sources, new equipment and technologies that are up to date with the highest standards and credible certification. An important aspect to guarantee these initiatives’ success is to involve communities when making decisions those investments.