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SDG 6 Example: Severin Sea Lodge

Tourism can play a critical role in ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation. The Severin Sea Lodge at the Kenyan coast is a leading example for SDG 6. They set up a biological wastewater treatment plant back in 1991 and they have a desalination plant on-site.

The regenerated wastewater is used to water plants and reduced their freshwater use drastically. The water desalination plant on-site is to guarantee the sustainable management and continuous supply of potable water for guests on the premises and the local community.

In line with the SDGs, requiring tourism businesses to invest in the provision of utilities can make the difference in achieving water access and security, as well as hygiene. Severin Sea Lodge undertook these efforts because they were aware of the limited freshwater reserves in Kenya. Additionally, the public water network lacks good infrastructure. As a result, steady water supply and good water quality couldn’t be guaranteed. As part of their responsible operations, Severin Sea Lodge realised they had to safeguard this necessary resource as well as protect and sustainably manage their direct environment.