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SDG 17 Example: Global Sustainable Tourism Council

At Fair Voyage we strongly believe in the need for a global baseline standard, such as the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), to strengthen the means of implementation of a global partnership for sustainable development, as SDG 17 states. We believe that GSTC accredited certifications of tourism businesses are the best and only way to verify the holistic implementation of sustainability on a global scale.

The GSTC, created by UN agencies and prominent international conservation NGOs, has developed and manages a comprehensive set of global sustainability standards for travel and tourism that align with all 17 SDGs. The cross-sectoral nature of tourism holds the potential to gather private and public partners around the table.

The GSTC also accredits certification bodies, such as Travelife, for conducting independent audits consistent with the GSTC Criteria. This means that suppliers audited by a GSTC accredited certification body can reliably prove that they are operating consistent with all SDGs.

At Fair Voyage, we only promote verified socially and environmentally responsible suppliers. As part of our Terms of Business, suppliers commit to become independently audited for sustainability.