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SDG 16 Example: Jolinaiko Eco Tours

Our local partner Jolinaiko Eco Tours promotes peaceful and inclusive societies, provides access to justice for all and builds inclusive institutions, as stated by SDG 16.

Jolinaiko organises cultural tours that include homestays, take travellers to local cultural festivals and provide an immersive experience off the beaten tracks. Respect for indigenous cultures and traditions of the local host communities is at the forefront of all their tours. This type of exchanges helps lay the foundation for more peaceful, open and inclusive societies. It builds trust among people with different religions, nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

As a tour operator, Jolinaiko contributes to building societies through improving the local infrastructure. Their trips are set up in a way that tourism benefits and engages local communities. Overall, it’s their aim to contribute to their development, help improve local infrastructure, and thereby significantly improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the community. Their values are trust, respect, honesty and reliability in our relationships with customers, staff, local communities to benefit from cross-cultural encounters.