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SDG 14 Example: The Sands at Nomad

Our local partner The Sands at Nomad is an exquisite example of SDG 14, as they take up the responsibility to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources. After all, coastal and maritime tourism rely on healthy marine ecosystems.

The main strategy to achieve this is by integrating tourism development into the overarching coastal zone management of a region. Therefore, they collaborate with conservation projects in the region. Onsite, they also launched a Marine Education Center to organize the sustainable management of marine life. The Center educates teachers and students from local schools about marine life and the importance of conservation. Students can participate in a variety of activities and projects with the resident marine biologist and an education manager to deepen their understanding. The Center also serves as a visitor center to raise awareness among travellers.

They also developed an innovative waste management system for sustainable oceans. Their recycling plant allows them to take up a leading role in regional waste collection and recycling. Daily, waste from the beach and local establishments are collected, separated and sorted for recycling. They further raise awareness through regular beach clean-ups.