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SDG 12 Example: MAD Travel

Our local partner MAD (Make A Difference) Travel promotes and empowers sustainable production and consumption patterns, in line with SDG 12, on a socio-economic, cultural and environmental level. They work with rural communities, social entrepreneurs, local environmental organisations and innovative projects throughout the Philippines.

While exploring the Philippines, travellers experience various modes of sustainable consumption and production. They take them, for example, to a Farm Village University, where travellers get to see and experience how the community thrives and makes a sustainable living. MAD Travel highlights social entrepreneurs by providing opportunities for travellers to interact with and support their works and projects through creative activities. Travellers also have the opportunity to meet indigenous communities who live entirely off-grid to learn about the values that keep them together and the efforts to protect their cultural heritage.

Furthermore, travellers are engaged in environmental initiatives to learn and to support reforestation efforts. MAD Travel promotes responsible wildlife tourism on all its activities and educates travellers about the wildlife and ecosystems they get to visit.