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SDG 11 Example: Exo Travel

Our local partner Exo Travel is a great example of SDG 11 as they empower both rural and urban communities via tourism. Through their inclusive approach, local host communities develop sustainable livelihoods together with increased care for their environmental and cultural assets. Many of the activities and tours are set up with local charities, enterprises and organisations.
This turns tourism into a force for good while simultaneously minimising its negative impacts.
Realising sustainable cities and communities also involves creating career and business opportunities. Exo Travel puts a strong emphasis on community-based tourism, as a way to fuel revenues to impoverished or remote areas in Asia. They cooperate alongside local and international development organizations to build resilient societies and communities. When selecting their partners, they train and raise awareness of sustainable approaches in tourism based on Travelife standards. They reduce waste and strive to have carbon-neutral staff, offices and tours.
Exo Foundation, a separate organisation within the company, further deepens their sustainability efforts and promotes sustainable tourism practices in the long run.