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SDG 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries

Tourism holds the potential to be a force for good. In line with SDG 10, as formulated by the UNWTO, tourism can effectively reduce inequalities within and among countries. How? By engaging local populations and all key stakeholders in the development of tourism on a national and regional level, but more importantly also on a local level. ⠀

The outcome of this inclusive collaboration is most likely improved economic integration and diversification among the receiving host community. However, the sustainable impact can go much further. Tourism can also contribute to urban renewal and rural development as it gives people the opportunity to prosper in their place of origin. ⠀

In terms of practical action, this means supporting and investing in local enterprises, for example by making sure you tourism businesses buy products and services from local businesses. Involving the community in setting up tourism initiatives is another important way to organise this. Within businesses itself, it’s important to encourage diversity and emphasize non-discrimination values in staff recruitment and training.⠀