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SDG 10: Mara Naboisho Conservancy

Our local partner Asilia Africa is a stunning example of developing sustainable tourism together with local key stakeholders and the community. This is exactly what SDG 10 suggests to reduce inequality. They established the Mara Naboisho Conservancy, a community wildlife conservancy, through a smart and empowering partnership with local Maasai and 5 other ecotourism operators. The conservancy helped to restore the biodiversity but mostly also provided a sustainable economic solution for the local communities.

After 5 years since its creation, 300 new jobs were created which provided an income to over 500 Maasai families. Furthermore, it also indirectly benefits the lives of approximately 10 000 people. The conservancy wasn’t just created for noble purposes, but to prevent a critical environmental and socio-economic disaster. The area where the conservancy is established used to be a wildlife corridor that bordered the Masai Mara Reserve. It was degraded and threatened 10 years ago, due to intensive herding and various tourism activities. As a consequence, the 500 families living in the area faced serious financial hardship among other things before the Community Conservancy was established.