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SDG 4 Example : East African Voyage

Our local partner East African Voyage contributes to reaching SDG 4 about  “Quality Education and Lifelong Learning for All” through sustainable tourism efforts and providing ongoing staff training. Tourism can promote inclusiveness. At the same time, a skilful workforce is crucial for tourism to prosper. Tourism businesses can provide professional development and training for their staff as well as on-going staff training. These are the exact things East African Voyage is doing.

On a regular basis, they provide safety and security training to all employees. The staff on the picture is taking part in training about first aid and outdoor leadership. All tour leaders and guides are trained to provide adequate monitoring of each guest’s health and are able to respond quickly and effectively to an emergency.

Furthermore, East African Voyage pays attention to diversity management. They keep a particular place for the women guides in the company. Each year they reserve one or two trainee positions for women mountain guides. They also have female guides permanently with working for them. In fact, this is also an example of SDG 5 that aims to achieve gender equality.