Climb Kilimanjaro

Why book your Kilimanjaro climb with Fair Voyage?


Fair Voyage helps you find & CUSTOMIZE your best CONSCIOUS travel experience in Africa and developing regions. Through our direct relationships with LOCAL leaders in sustainability, we can offer you highest QUALITY at best prices. In addition, we INSURE your payments – all 100% free for you. Being INDEPENDENT , we only have your best interest at mind.

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s the catch: We’re passionately driven by a NON-PROFIT MISSION bigger than us – to promote SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL.


Best Independent Advice

We are 100% neutral and independent. Different to typical agencies, we work with all verified responsible tour operators. Different to other platforms, we do not accept listing or promotion fees. This means that we are the only agency or platform who can give you best independent advice and help you find & customize the best value-for-money offer for your unique requirements.


Reliable Expert Guidance

Starting with our founder's Kilimanjaro climb and book Kilimanjaro Uncovered, via our dedicated Kilimanjaro platform KiliGATE, to most recently becoming a board member of IMEC to support the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) – we know Kilimanjaro better than any other platform or agency. More than just being experts, we exist because of Kilimanjaro – to promote fair porter treatment and create more transparency for the climbing public.


Curated Best Offers

We have gone to great lengths to compare Kilimanjaro tour operators and offers for you, including onsite meetings in Tanzania with all KPAP approved outfitters and our work though KiliGATE. Based on objective price-value comparisons, we have already pre-selected the best offers, carefully vetted all tour inclusions, and made them easily comparable for you. All partners are furthermore top-rated by travellers on leading review platforms such as TripAdvisor. We remain open to working with all KPAP Partner companies who can give you the best offer for your requirements.


Fully Customizable Climbs

All our Kilimanjaro offers are fully customizable to include any equipment, itinerary variation, pre/post climb accommodation, and more. For your convenience, we aim to make all customization options easily available to you directly online. Moreover, we are fully available to advise you in person and tailor your perfect climb for you.


Verified Fair Porter Treatment

We only promote approved companies under IMEC's Partner for Responsible Travel Program. This means that all our climbs are monitored locally by KPAP to ensure minimum fair porter treatment practices. As KPAP is the only independent organization that monitors Kilimanjaro climbs, this is the best and only way to ensure that you are booking an ethical climb.


Traveller Funds Insurance

Safely Insured Payments

We are insured by the Swiss Travel Security guarantee scheme for traveller deposits. This means that when you book and pay for your Tour with us, your funds are protected against bankruptcy and no-shows. In the unfortunate event that your Tour Operator would not deliver your Tour to you, you receive your full payments back & more – hassle-free. Please be careful if you consider booking directly with a local company as no such insurance scheme exists yet in many developing countries.

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