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    Highly recommended for finding and booking sustainable trips with local tour operators, expert on Kilimanjaro climbs! Professional, reliable and devoted... read more

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    Amazing Staff & Service! My friend and I had been planning to climb Kili for a few years and we finally did it in... read more

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Climb Ethically With Fair Voyage

Fair Voyage is a Swiss initiative founded to make climbing Kilimanjaro safe & easy for you, and to make sure that your porters are being treated fairly. When you book with us, you can rest assured that you are getting your best offer operated by a responsible local outfitter; with the quality, safety and service of an international agency.

Everything You Need To Know About Kilimanjaro Group Tours

GROUPSWhat is an open group tour to climb Kilimanjaro?

A Kilimanjaro open group tour is one in which anyone can join the climb. This means that you will join other climbers that have booked the same tour and it is not limited to the people in the group knowing each other.

Group tours tend to be cheaper when compared to private tours and they have a set schedule. Some operators require a minimum of two people to join the tour before the booking can be confirmed. All climbs have a maximum number of participants, so be sure to book in advance to secure your place.

GROUPHow many climbers are in an open group tour?

The maximum number of people in a mount Kilimanjaro group tour is usually between eight and 12. This does not mean that tours will always fill up to that number. Tours that are well advertised and popular tend to fill up while others may have fewer participants but still offer an equally good service.

There are also open group tours containing just three people and bigger tour groups with more than 15 people, although these are not as common.

GROUPSShould I join a group tour to climb Kilimanjaro?

Group tours have their advantages and disadvantages. If you can find a Kilimanjaro group tour that runs on a date that is convenient for you, we would certainly recommend this option. This is because joining a group tour to climb Kilimanjaro helps to keep costs down. It also allows you to meet other likeminded people. This aspect of a group tour cannot be understated. Many lasting friendships have been formed while climbing.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a very unique and challenging experience. The bonds you share with others who climb with you can be profound and life-changing.

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Group tours to Kilimanjaro: How to find the best tour

Finding your best Kilimanjaro group tour means finding your best group and getting your best offer from the best tour operator. If you already have a group of climbers, then skip to the section on how to get your best Kilimanjaro climbing offer for your group. If you don’t have a group yet, you have two...
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ROUTESWhat are the differences between the various Kilimanjaro hiking routes?

The routes on Kilimanjaro vary by length, duration, difficulty, scenery, altitude profile, accessibility, and (lack of) facilities. The better a route scores on all these criteria, the more popular it is.

Popularity is great if you like to share your experience with many other climbers and make lots of new friends. It's also great if you're looking for an affordable climbing package. If solitude and wilderness are what you're looking for, then the most popular routes may not be your best choice.

ROUTESHow do I go about choosing my best Kilimanjaro climbing route?

To choose the best hiking route for your Kilimanjaro climb, it is important to assess your personal preferences and priorities:

  • Do you prefer the most stunning scenery or authentic wilderness away from the crowds?
  • Do you prefer a climb with the least amount of walking and easy slopes, or are you looking for a bigger physical challenge?
  • Do you have time constraints, or are you OK to take a longer route of 8 days (or more) in order to maximize your summit success chance?
  • Do you have budget constraints, or do you prefer to pay a premium for a longer climb, a private tailor-made arrangement (as opposed to an open group climb), and/or a luxurious climb off-the-beaten-track?

Once you have some clarity about your personal preferences and priorities, it becomes easier to find the right route for you:

  • If scenery is most important to you and you don't mind the crowds, then the Machame or Lemosho Route will be the clear winners.
  • If you are looking for the easiest possible route with the least amount of climbing uphill, then the Grand Traverse will be the way to go.
  • If you want the maximize your summit success chance, then the Grand Traverse, Lemosho Route and Northern Circuit will be your best choice.
  • If time or budget limits you to no more then 6 or 7 climbing days, then either the Shira or Machame Routes will be a good compromise for those prioritizing scenery over solitude, and Rongai for those in search of wilderness.
  • If you have no choice but to climb during rainy season, then the huts along the Marangu Route will provide shelter from the rain, and the Rongai Route has a lower chance of rain overall.
  • If you are confident of your physical abilities, and you either have considerable experience in high altitudes or are planning to pre-acclimatized on another mountain, then you may prefer a more challenging and direct summit approach via the shorter 5-day Marangu, Rongai or Umbwe Routes.

ROUTESWhich route has the the highest summit success chance?

The Kilimanjaro routes with the highest summit success rates are those with the best altitude profile so that you can acclimatize to the thin air before attempting your final summit push.

Climbing high during the day and sleeping low at night is ideal. Furthermore, it's important to ascend slowly over multiple days so that your body has more time to get used to the high altitude.

8-day Machame, 8-day Lemosho, 8-day Grand Traverse and 9-day Northern Circuit (including acclimatization hike to Lava Tower) are all excellent Kilimanjaro routes for altitude acclimatization that allow you to hike high, sleep low and ascend slowly over multiple days. With the right preparation and the right guide, these routes all have a summit success chance of close to 100%.

Which is the best hiking route on Kilimanjaro?

Selecting the best hiking route on Kilimanjaro is a subjective question as there is no single best hiking route that works for every climber. In this article, we hope to help you choose the best hiking route for you and will make recommendations depending on your preferences.

PRICESWhy are Kilimanjaro tours so expensive?

Kilimanjaro is an expensive mountain to climb. This is due to local park fees and taxes. For a 6-day climb, the Kilimanjaro National Park fees alone amount to over US $800 per person. When adding up all the costs incurred by a tour operator (including the salaries of your mountain crew, equipment, food, transfers, etc.), there is in fact only a small margin left for the tour operator. It is therefore not possible for them to offer you much lower prices than you find on Fair Voyage. Companies offering significantly lower prices are either not operating legally and/or do not treat your porters fairly.

PRICESI've seen cheaper prices elsewhere. Why should I pay more?

We aim to offer you the full range of climbing offers from low-budget no-frills to luxurious VIP tours. Being committed to responsible travel, however, means that we insist on and strictly vet all tours against minimum standards of quality and safety. Therefore, different from industry average, all our quotations typically also include:

  • 100% ethical climb, independently monitored and verified by the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP)
  • Duly registered English-speaking mountain guide(s) with minimum level of training
  • Assistant guide(s) with a maximum ratio of 2 clients per guide
  • Mess dining tent, table(s) and chairs; eating utensils
  • Properly treated drinking water and hot meals (when possible) on the mountain; prepared by properly trained cook
  • Pre-climb briefing & gear check with your guide (usually in the afternoon before the start of your climb)
  • Secure online payment; no hidden credit card or other transaction fees
  • Swiss Travel Security (STS) traveller deposit guarantee to safeguard your payments against default or non-delivery of services
  • Fully customizable offers – any itinerary variations, upgrades, equipment rentals, etc.

PRICESWhat is typically included in Kilimanjaro group tour prices?

Prices for Kilimanjaro climbing packages typically include: all park fees; transfer to/from the park gates; dormitory accommodation in the Marangu Huts on the Marangu Route, or sleeping tents and mats on all other routes; drinking water and full-board meals on the mountain; and the salaries of your mountain crew including an English-speaking head guide, assistant guide(s) (if more than one climber), cook and porters.

Many packages (but not all) also include: airport transfers; pre/post climb accommodation; a mess tent, tables and chairs for dining; a private toilet tent; oxygen for emergencies; and more (if specifically stated).

RATINGSHow do you select the best offers and companies for Kilimanjaro group climbs?

We have gone to great lengths to compare the best Kilimanjaro offers and tour operators and offers for you, including onsite meetings in Tanzania with all KPAP approved outfitters and our work though KiliGATE. Based on objective price-value comparisons, we have already pre-selected the best offers, carefully vetted all tour inclusions, and made them easily comparable for you. We remain open to working with all KPAP Partner companies who can give you the best offer for your requirements.

RATINGSHow do I find the best Kilimanjaro guide?

Currently, there are no objective certifications or ratings which can help you find the best Kilimanjaro guides. We are hoping to change that eventually and create an industry standard. However, there are ways that you can increase your chances of finding an experienced and well-trained guide.

Firstly, you should book with a responsible climb operator. They tend to have the best guides, because they are better paid, trained properly and given the resources they need to navigate the mountain.

The two things you want to look for are Wilderness First Responder (WFR) training and CPR first aid training, should you fall ill on the mountain.

RATINGSHow can I easily compare offers and find what's best for me?

To make it easier for you to compare what's included in different Kilimanjaro offers and to find the package that best meets your personal preferences, we've created our own system to classify Tours by a minimum standard of inclusions:

1-Budget | 2-Economy | 3-Premium | 4-Luxury | 5-VIP

All standard Kilimanjaro climb inclusions
All additional Fair Voyage curated inclusions
Sleeping mattress
Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certified guide
Emergency oxygen and/or pulse oximeter
Private toilet tent
Hyperbaric chamber, custom stretcher, emergency oxygen and pulse oximeter
Min. 2 WFR certified guides
Luxurious walk-in size tent with frame beds
Hot mountain shower

TIMINGWhen is the best season to climb Kilimanjaro?

It is possible to climb Kilimanjaro all-year-round. However, the best times to climb Kilimanjaro are from June to October and January to mid-March, which are the two dry seasons.

January to mid-March brings clearer skies and warm temperatures and is known as the short dry season. It ends in mid-March, when the onset of heavier rains and the long wet season begins and lasts until May.

The period between June to October is known as the long dry season and is also a good time to climb Kilimanjaro. This time of year brings less rainfall but bigger crowds. It gradually gives way to the short wet season in November/December.

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