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If you are lucky enough to go on a trip to Africa, be prepared to have the adventure of a lifetime. There are no shortage of breathtaking landscapes, wildlife safaris and formidable mountains to climb and explore. But sometimes those adventures come with a high price tag and local communities and environments get depleted or...
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Finding your best Kilimanjaro group travel tour means finding your best group and getting your best offer from the best tour operator. If you already are a group, then skip to the section on how to get your best Kilimanjaro climbing offer for your group. If you don’t have a group yet, you have two choices:...
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 By Alexandra Pastollnigg, Founder Fair Voyage Digitalization has changed the way we travel. It enables us to book our trips online directly with locals. By cutting out the middlemen, we reduce costs and make sure that our money goes to local people. To me, that made a lot of sense. Three years ago, I...
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Read what it’s like to climb Kilimanjaro off-the-beaten track in authentic wilderness on the 8-day Grand Traverse route. Download your free e-book with our detailed day-by-day account of this most luxurious of all Kilimanjaro itineraries.
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There are many ways how you can refill your reusable water container and avoid plastic waste while travelling – often for free (read why): During your flight: Ask for water to be filled into your bottle rather than wasting new cups. On an organized tour: Responsible tour operators usually provide drinking water for you to fill your water...
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Have you ever counted the plastic cups used and thrown out during a long-haul flight? Or the number of tiny plastic water bottles consumed during your hotel stay? Multiply your own consumption by millions of travellers, and you’ll reach thousands of tons of new plastics waste created every single day! Most of the plastic waste...
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As a conscious traveller, you care about our environment. To reduce your footprint, you also want to reduce waste. Who hasn’t heard of all the problems caused by plastic polluting our environment and waters! Here are three things that you as a conscious traveller can pack to avoid completely unnecessary new plastic waste: Water container...
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Fair Voyage Values
Our values are the very reason for your existence: Transparency, Responsibility, Fairness,  Collaboration, Humanity. We commit to you that we will make every effort to operate transparently, responsibly, fairly, collaboratively, and as humans.
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We are building a highly PERSONALIZED solution to help you find & CUSTOMIZE your best CONSCIOUS travel experience. Different from other agencies and platforms, we curate offers across 100% verified RESPONSIBLE suppliers to find YOUR BEST OFFER.
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